Tapping Simulator Codes – Roblox –June 2024

All the valid Tapping Simulator Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games by The Gang Stockholm – These codes are going to provide you tons of free in-game rewards, hope you enjoy them!

Tapping Simulator Codes – Full List

These codes are going to provide you tons of free in-game rewards, hope you enjoy them!

Valid & Active Codes

These codes are going to provide you tons of free in-game rewards, hope you enjoy them!

  • ship: Code reward > 50 super gems
  • moon: Code reward > 50 super gems
  • power60: Code reward > 1 hour x5 Tap Power
  • super60: Code reward > 1 hour x10 Super Tokens
  • lucky60: Code reward > 1 hour x5 luck
  • bosscat: Code reward > 50 super rebirths
  • dinos: Code reward > 30 super gems
  • 40millions: Code reward > 50 super gems
  • 30millions: Code reward > a lot of taps
  • elsa: Code reward > 5 super gems
  • 25millionvisits: Code reward > 5 super gems
  • worlds: Code reward > 5 super gems
  • pineapplepizza: Code reward > a lot of taps
  • 20milliontaps: Code reward > 5 super gems
  • 10million: Code reward > a lot of gems
  • 5mcake: Code reward > a lot of gems
  • awesome: Code reward > a lot of gems
  • welcome: Code reward > a lot of gems

As you can see there are many valid codes, and of course there will be more. So come back in the next days, this list will be updated for you

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Social media channels where you can find more codes @TheGangSthlm (twitter), The Gang Gaming (Discord) and also The Gang Stockholm (Roblox group page)

Tapping Simulator Expired codes

  • Shiny: Code reward > a lot of gems
  • 300kvisits: Code reward > a lot of gems
  • 1mvisits: Code reward > a lot of gems
  • elderupdate: Code reward > elder pet
  • 15millions: Code reward > 5 super gems

Tapping Simulator Codes – How to Redeem?

As easy as you already guessed, tap on the bird icon, enter the code and tap on use. If it doesn’t work is because you are not typing the code correctly (copy&paste it from our list) or because the code has expired.

The youtuber Gaming Dan shows us how to redeem codes here

How to play Tapping Simulator? Roblox Game by The Gang Stockholm

A tapping simulator: Tap your way to rebirth, collect pets and get upgrades in order to increase your tapping to insane levels

5 Million visits! Thank you so much!
We celebrate with our newest update:
New code: 5mcake

UPDATE 24th of June
5 Million visits pet store
3 new pets
New upgrades
New daily reward
Personal best on leaderboard

UPDATE 23rd of June
New Island – Pizza
3 new pets

UPDATE 20th of June
New Island – Space
3 new pets!

UPDATE 18th of June – OMEGA Pet rarity!
Portals to all islands

UPDATE 17th of June – 1M VISITS!
Graveyard Island
With 3 new pets!

Tap the tap button
Buy Pets
Gain more jumps
Reach new heights

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This game is inspired by Clicking Simulator

Created by The Gang Stockholm. Join our Roblox group for a daily reward ingame!

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