Yeet Simulator Codes – Roblox –June 2024

All the valid Yeet Simulator Codes in one always updated list. We provide you all the valid codes and their rewards, and we include every new code to the list

Yeet Simulator Codes – Full List

Were you looking for some codes to redeem? You are in the right place, hope you enjoy them:

Valid Codes

These are all the valid codes you can redeem right now, you can get some free boosts, yeetbux, eggs, pets, and more, hope you enjoy them:

  • DISCMEMBER5000: redeem the code and get 5000 YEETbux
  • THAN1O0S: (first is “O”, second is “zero·) redeem the code and get a 10M Boost – Thanos Hand
  • 10FUEGO: (first is “zero”, second is “O”)Redeem this code and get a 10M Boost – Rapid Fire
  • RANDOM BOOST5: Redeem this code and get a 5M Boost – Thanos Hand
  • EGGCODE: Redeem this code and get a free Forest Egg (wich includes a pet = Bear)

Be careful with the codes THAN1O0S (first is “O”, second is “zero·) and 10FUEGO (first is “zero”, second is “O”), you have to type them correctly if you want to get the rewards.

We will keep this list updated and we will add new codes every time the game is updated ir the developers add new codes to the game. So you can come back and visit us whenever you want, we will have all the valid codes always.

Yeet Simulator – Expired Codes

Here we will list all the expired codes so far:

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Yeet Simulator – How to Redeem?

Click on the codes or twitter (blue bird) button located on the lower right corner of the screen, enter the code and click on confirm. If you don’t find the button, check this video from youtuber Gaming Dan:

You can’t redeem a code?

When you can’t redeem a code you receive the message: “Invalid or already redeemed code”. So if you already redeemed it, it’s clear, you can only redeem a code once. But if you are trying to redeem an invalid code, there are 2 possible reasons:

  • You are not typing it correctly: Be careful with the “zeros” and the “Os”
  • The code has expired: Check if the code is listed in the expired codes section.

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