Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles New Believers

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles & Solutions – New Believers

Welcome to Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles & Solutions – New Believers, a guide with the solution for every puzzle, with tips, requirements and also the recipes you are going to need

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles New Believers

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 1 The Sick Heaten

New Believers puzzle 1 – The Sick Heaten:

Requirements: 1 adult villager

Puzzle 1 – The Sick Heaten – Solution:

Drop an adult villager onto the purple masked heathen in the hospital. do it until you’ve cured him. When he’s cured

After they’re converted, they will drop a piece of the necklace beside the mat. Have one of the spares  pick the necklace up and bring it to the statue in the middle

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 2 The Prison Break

New Believers puzzle 2 – The Prison Break:

Requirements: Villagers with building skills

Puzzle 2 – The Prison Break – Solution: Assign all your villagers to dismantle the fence around them and start building a granary out of the bamboo

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 3 The Hungry Totem

New Believers puzzle 3 – The Hungry Totem:

Requirements: 2 villagers

Puzzle 3 – The Hungry Totem – Solution: Use a villager to lure the heathen away from the totem and assign other villagers to start dismantling it

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Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – The Knowing Totem

New Believers puzzle 4 – The Knowing Totem:

Requirements: 2 adult villagers with building skill and also Lightning God Power

Puzzle 4 – The Knowing Totem – Solution: Cast the Lightning God Power on the heathens guarding the totem. Drop your villagers on the totem to start dismantling it. Repeat the process until is done

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 5 The Farm

New Believers puzzle 5 – The Farm:

Requirements: Master scientist (Send a villager to the laboratory to start accumulating tech points and improving their science skill), several builders and also Construction lvl 2

Puzzle 5 – The Farm – Solution: Send them to the aqueduct next to the farm to the northwest of the statue > send some of your villagers (builders) to repair the aqueduct.

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 6 The Mausoleum

New Believers puzzle 6 – The Mausoleum

Requirements: The Blocking Totem and also some adult builders

Puzzle 6 – The Mausleum – Solution: Once you have dismantled the Blocking Totem, send your builders to the entrance to clear up the debris the heathens have left behind.

Once there’s about 25% of debris left, assign multiple builders to the job.

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 7 The Blocking Totem

New Believers puzzle 7 – The Blocking Totem

Requirements: 2 Master Builders and also Lightning God Power

Puzzle 7 – The Blocking Totem – Solution:

  • Once all of them are around the totem, cast a lightning spell to chase them away and assign your villages back to dismantling the totem.
  • Once this is done, your villagers will be able to clean up the debris blocking the mausoleum.
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Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 8 The Hollow Totem

New Believers puzzle 8 – The Hollow Totem

Requirements: 6 children

Puzzle 8 – The Hollow Totem – Solution: Simply put six children into the totem

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 9 The Heathen Builder

New Believers puzzle 9 – The Heathen Builder:

Requirements: Master Builder and also Time Warp God Power

Puzzle 9 – The Heaten Builder – Solution:

  • The Heathen Master Builder is located at the southern edge of the village, near the Blocking Totem.
  • Challenge him to a build-off competition.
  • Drop the villager on the construction site and use the Time Warp God Power (500 energy) to beat him
  • Send one of your spare villagers to collect the necklace.

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 10 The Lake

New Believers puzzle 10 – The Lake

Requirements: Tempest God Power, Revive God Power and also the Hollow Totem dismantled

Puzzle 10 – The Lake – Solution:

  • Once the Hollow Totem has been dismantled, cast Tempest spell at the lake.
  • Once the rain is over, cast the same spell again
  • When the lake is full of water, cast Revive spell on it

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 11 The Pain Totem

New Believers puzzle 11 – The Pain Totem:

Requirements: Lightning God Power and also some builders

Puzzle 11 – The Pain Totem – Solution: Cast the Lightning spell on the totem to disable the current and then assign your villagers to start dismantling it.

Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles – 12 The Rainbow Totem

New Believers puzzle 12 – The Rainbow Totem

Requirements: Clothing Hut, Some villagers and also Science lvl 2

Puzzle 12 – The Rainbow Totem – Solution:

  • Assign two of your villages to get the red and yellow dyes ( east of the Farm)
  • Once the water of the baths turns orange assign your villages to start dismantling the Rainbow Totem.
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13 The Heaten Scientist

New Believers puzzle 13 – The Heaten Scientist:

Requirements: Master scientist, The Knowing Totem dismantled and also Science lvl 2

Puzzle 13 – The Heaten Scientist – Solution:

  • When the Heathen Master Scientist is at the black board (west of the laboratory) assign your master scientist to work on a complex mathematical solution.
  • Once the orb over his head disappears, repeat it 3 times
  • Collect the necklace with one of your children.

14 The Tribute Statue

New Believers puzzle 14 – The Tribute Statue

Requirements: Spiritual lvl 3 and also Construction lvl 3

Puzzle 14 – The Tribute Statue – Solution: complete the requirements and assign your villagers to fully upgrading the statue.

15 The Blind Totem

New Believers puzzle 15 – The Blind Totem:

Requirements: The Mausoleum

Puzzle 15 – The Blind Totem – Solution:

  • Have one of the adult villagers to take the pan (Once the enterance to the mausoleum has been cleared) and bring it to the mysterious pot located to the west of the fenced area next to the stream.
  • Drop a villager on the pan and get gold dust
  • Have one of your villagers to take the golden sphere

16 The Heaten Chief

New Believers puzzle 16 – The Heaten Chief:

Requirements: Purple Masked Heatens converted, The Necklace fully assembled and also the Blind Totem restored

Puzzle 16 – The Heaten Chief – Solution: Complete the requirements and also Drop one of your villagers on the necklace.

And these are all the Virtual Villagers 5 Puzzles & Solutions – New Believers