Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles The Secret City

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles & Solutions – The Secret City

Welcome to Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles & Solutions – The Secret City, a guide with the solution for every puzzle, with tips, requirements and also the recipes you are going to need

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles The Secret City

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 1 The First Chief

The Secret City puzzle 1 – The First Chief:

Requirements: none

Puzzle 1 – The First Chief – Solution: Drag each of your villagers to the golden robe in the amphitheater on the west untilworks

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 2 The Bee Hive

The Secret City puzzle 2 – The Bee Hive:

Requirements: Fire and also a villager older than 14

Puzzle 2 – The Bee Hive – Solution:

  • Light up a fire to scare the bees away from the hive
    • collect some firewood located near the seashore
    • collect some dry grasses on the west
    • drag a villager onto fireplace.
    • Place the villager onto the torches near the bee hive

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 3 The Alchemy Lab

The Secret City puzzle 3 – The Alchemy Lab:

Requirements: 1 adept scientist (put a villager with research target skill onto a bench at the east side of the alchemy lab)

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Puzzle 3 – The Alchemy Lab – Solution: Find

  • A red pot with white stripes
  • A yellow vase with white stripes
  • Brown vase
  • A mixing bowl which has two spoons inside
  • A cutting tool

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 4 The Roster of the Dead

The Secret City puzzle 4 – The Roster of the Dead:

Requirements: none

Puzzle 4 – The Roster of the Dead – Solution: remove the leaves that cover the big brown rock on the east, Place your chief there, and as many people as you can (except the food collector)

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 5 Weather Dancing

The Secret City puzzle 5 – Weather Dancing:

Requirements: 3 adept farmers, a Tribal Chief and also Leadership lvl 2

Puzzle 5 – Weather Dancing- Solution: Drop the chief onto the fire, then the farmers

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 6 The Lift

The Secret City puzzle 6 – The Lift

Requirements: 3 adept builders and also Restoration lvl 2

Puzzle 6 – The Lift – Solution: Drag 3 Adept Builders to the lift at the same time

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 7 The Rubble

The Secret City puzzle 7 – The Rubble:

Requirements: Restoration lvl 2

Puzzle 7 – The Rubble- Solution: southeast side of the screen, drop 2 villagers on top of the rocks.

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 8 The Ancient Bath

The Secret City puzzle 8 – The Ancient Bath

Requirements: Master Builder and also Fix the Alchemy Lab

Puzzle 8 – The Ancient Bath – Solution: Drag and drop your Master Builder onto the white board that is in the Alchemy Lab and they will begin to draw the plans that are needed to fix the bath. Then drop any of your villagers onto the bath so they can begin repairing it. It takes a while

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Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 9 The Statue

The Secret City puzzle 9 – The Statue:

Requirements: Master Builder, Tribal Chief, The Ancient Bath, Restoration lvl 3 and also Leadership lvl 3

Puzzle 9 – The Statue – Solution:

  • Drop a Master Builder on the chalkboard in the alchemy room
  • Drag an adult villager to the first slope at the uphill path leading towards the jewel doors
  • Chief to direct the work on the statue
  • Drop more builders on the statue

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 10 The Orchard

The Secret City puzzle 10 – The Orchard

Requirements: Plan Fruit and also The Lift

Puzzle 10 – The Orchard – Solution: As soon as you hear the rain falling, grab a villager and quickly place them on the lift before the bucket starts to fill with water

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 11 Banishing the Sharks

The Secret City puzzle 11 – Banishing the Sharks:

Requirements: The alchemy Lab and also Magic or nature faction lvl 2

Puzzle 11 – Banishing the Sharks – Solution: The recipe is different depending on the faction:

  • Nature Faction: 2 parts black orchids + 1 part pitcher plant.
  • Magic Faction: 2 rose parts + 1 part berry.

Make several villagers drink the potion and take the vials to the sharks

Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles – 12 Aromatherapy

The Secret City puzzle 12 – Aromatherapy

Requirements: Master Doctor, The Ancient Bath, and also Medicine Tech lvl 3

Puzzle 12 – Aromatherapy – Solution: Drag and drop your Master Doctor in the bath that has been repaired, then Drag and drop the Master Doctor in the fire pit

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13 The Ash Key

The Secret City puzzle 13 – The Ash Key:

Requirements: Leadershio lvl 2

Puzzle 13 – The Ash Key – Solution:

  • Complete a weather dance (diamond appear in the ashes)
  • Send some villagers to the waterfalls that are on the left side of the scene until they start drinking water
  •  drop any villager onto the pit

14 The Hanging Key

The Secret City puzzle 14 – The Hanging Key

Requirements: Light and Springy potion: 1 part Cactus + 1 part Rose + 1 part of Lotus

Puzzle 14 – The Hanging Key – Solution: Have a villager drink the potion and drag them over to the pink square (top right side of the screen)

15 The Clam Key

The Secret City puzzle 15 – The Clam Key:

Requirements: Complete the Statue Puzzle

Puzzle 15 – The Clam Key – Solution:

  • As soon as the statue is finished, you will be able to see a white pearl appear. Drop a Master Builder over the pearl
  • Drop the Master Builder on the blue pearl
  • Have the chief take the pearl from the lab
  • The clam will take the blue pearl and the chief will then take the key and take it to the door

16 The Sun Dial

The Secret City puzzle 16 – The Sun Dial:

Requirements: The Ash Key, The Hanging Key and also the Clam Key

Puzzle 16 – The Sun Dial – Solution: Drag a villager onto the Sun Dial and move the green circle to the position, wait and Drag and drop a villager on the ghost picture

And these are all the Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzles & Solutions – The Secret City