Summertime Saga Eve

Summertime Saga Odette – Route & Walkthrough

Welcome to Summertime Saga Odette – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

Summertime Saga Eve

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  • Dexterity 5 and also Intelligence 5
  • A working computer and also $300
  • Complete Eve‘s route: You have to repair Grace’s bike and unlock all the scenes with Eve. In fact, Odette’s and Grace’s scenes are optional scenes in the Eve’s route

Summertime Saga Odette – Walkthrough

Odette’s endings or scenes

  • Once you complete the Eve’s route wait until the next day
  • Meet Oddette, she will thank you in her own way
  • (Next Saturday or Sunday) Go to the appartment in the evening and enjoy the massage. But if you want to unlock the Odette’s version of the scene, you have to replay it.
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