Summertime Saga Eve

Summertime Saga Eve – Route & Walkthrough

Welcome to Summertime Saga Eve – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

Summertime Saga Eve

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Summertime Saga Eve – Requirements

  • Dexterity 5 and also Intelligence 5
  • A working computer and also $300

Summertime Saga Eve – Walkthrough

First Steps – Eve’s route

  • Meet Eve in the park (evening), and meet her again the day after at the same time & place
  • Go to the cafeteria (school) – battle Eve vs Annie
  • Next day (morning) go to the school right hallway, then follow Eve and talk to her in the auditorium. In the evening go to Sugartats (tattoo), where you will meet Grace, Odette and Tuuku.
  • (After 2 days) go to school and skip classes with Eve, go to the parlor, and to the apartment

Dress Code

  • (After 2 days) Spy on the girls ni the school boy’s locker room. Eve is hiding in the auditorium. Talk to Principal Smith and the Sport Teacher about the dress code. Wait untill the afternoon, go to Coach Bridget’s office and ask for help (requires desterity = 5)
  • Next day go to the french class and tell Eve.  At the end of the day you will find her in the bathroom
  • Next day find Eve in the Locker room (school), and in the evening in the park. In the Police Station join Grace and Eve (parking lot) as soon as you get out of custody)
  • The next day go to school to find out that your classmate is absent, then go to the tattoo shop and talk to Grace and Odette, and finally go to the apartment.
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(Save point: Eve’s gender choice)

  • (After 2 days) Go to the french class and Eve will give you a date. In the evening in Sugartats, use the fire scape to climb up the rooftop. Follow Eve to the tent
  • Next day go to the school right hallway to watch a cat fight
  • Next day go to the french class for another date with Eve.

Grace’s Bike

  • (Saturday or Sunday) Repair Grace’s bike (garage), you can do it if your intelligence = 5
  • Next day, go with the girls, then with Eve to the mall > library > park > Sugartats
  • (Saturday) Go to the party to meet Grace, Jane, Jenny and Odette, Eve will come later
  • Next Day go to Sugartats. Then buy a candle (Consum-R), a box of chocolates (Cupid) and a Lasagna (Tony’s Pizza), Tuuku will get the wine. Go to your appartment and enjoy the dinner with Eve
  • Next day go to school and meet Eve, meet her again in her bedroom at night
  • Go to Eve’s bedroom again, next evening (replay this scene, there is another version)

There are some optional scenes with Odette & Grace