Stranded Sails Recipes & Ingredients – Full List

Stranded Sails Recipes & Ingredients Guide – Full List of recipes, how to unlock new recipes and also about the spices and their buffs

Stranded Sails Recipes – Unlock recipes

To unlock a new recipe you need to have all the ingredients for. Then go to the cooking station and click in any of the recipes with a question mark. Place the ingredients in the slots of the cooking pot and:

  • Green checkmark: ingredient ok and position ok
  • Yellow circle: ingredient ok but wrong position
  • Red X: The ingredient is incorrect

Stranded Sails Recipes – Buffs

Every recipe with an spice will provide you a buff, dependind on the spice:

  • Allspice Powder: Reduces Fishing energy lost
  • Black Pepper: Reduces energy lost when an enemy hits you
  • Cane Sugar: Reduces Shovel & Bucket energy lost
  • Chili Flakes: Increases Attack Damage
  • Fresh Thyme: Reduces Rowing energy lost
  • Ginger Root: Reduces Walking energy lost

Stranded Sails Recipes – Full List

Recipes A to H

  • Angler’s Assortment: Pumpkin, Seabass, Allspice Powder & also Tomato
  • Aromatic Carrot Clams: Carrot, Clam, Ginger root & also Onion
  • Aromatic Crab and Clam Stew: Clam, Crab, Eggplant & also Ginger root
  • Baked Mackerel: Carrot, Potato and also Mackerel
  • Aromatic Pumpkin Soup: Eggplant, Onion, Ginger root and also Pumpkin
  • Bluefish Soup: Tomato, Cob of corn and also Bluefish
  • Bluefish Stew: Bluefish, Pumpkin and also Eggplant
  • Braised Marlin Filet: Pumpkin, Tomato and alsoWhite Marlin
  • Carrot Clams: Carrot, Clam and also Onion
  • Carrot Eggplant Stew: Carrot, Eggplant and also Tomato
  • Corn and Potato Mash: Cob of corn and also Potato
  • Clam Casserole: Potato, Clam and also Tomato
  • Corn on the Cob: Cob of Corn
  • Corn Rice and Carrots: Carrot, Cob of corn and also Rice
  • Corn-Filled Tomato: Cob of corn and also Tomato
  • Crab and Clam Stew: Clam, Crab and also Eggplant
  • Eggplant Pan: Rice, Potato and also Eggplant
  • Explorer’s Favorite: Tomato, Seabass, Red Snapper and also Lobster
  • Farmer’s Favorite: Cob of corn, Ginger root, Lobster and also Cane sugar
  • Farmhand’s Bisque: Rice, Cane Sugar, Lobster and also Onion
  • Fighter’s Favorite: Pumpkin, Chili flakes, Black Pepper and also Red Snapper
  • Fisherman’s Favorite: Thyme, Rice, Seabass and also Allspice powder
  • Flounder Salad: Flounder, Carrot and also Tomato
  • Grilled Sea Bass: Seabass, Eggplant, Onion and also Mackerel
  • Hearty Eggplant Pan: Rice, Potato, Eggplant and also Thyme
  • Hearty Mackerel-Tomato Soup: Tomato, Thyme, Eggplant and also Mackerel
  • Hot Carrot-Eggplant Stew: Chili flakes, Tomato, Carrot and also Eggplant
  • Hearty Roasted Flounder: Flounder, Thyme, Potato and also Onion
  • Hot Marlin Steak with Corn Rice: White Marlin, Rice, cob of corn and also Chili flakes
  • Hot Stir-Fried Bluefish: Eggplant, Rice, Chili flakes and also Bluefish
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Recipes I to W

  • Ironskin Stew: Potato, Black pepper, Red snapper and also onion
  • Krabby Patties: Crab, Rice and also Pumpkin
  • Lobster Cocktail: Crab, Lobster, Carrot and also Potato
  • Lobster Tail Soup: Lobster, Clam, Tomato and also Pumpkin
  • Lover’s Stew: Carrot, Cob of corn and also Clam
  • Mackerel and Potatoes: Mackerel, Potato and also Onion
  • Mackerel-Tomato Soup: Mackerel, Tomato and also Eggplant
  • Marlin Steak with Corn Rice: White Marlin, Cob of corn and also Rice
  • Pumpkin Corn Rice: Pumpkin, Cob of corn and also rice
  • Pumpkin Soup: Eggplant, Pumpkin and also Onion
  • Red Snapper on Rice: Red snapper, Tomato, Carrot and also Rice
  • Pumpkin Stew: Potato, Pumpkin and also Carrot
  • Roasted Corn and Onion: Onion and also cob of corn
  • Roasted Flounder: Flounder, Onion and also Potato
  • Seasoned Bluefish Stew: Eggplant, Pumpkin, Allspice powder and also Bluefish
  • Sea Bass Filet Plate: Flounder, Pumpkin, cob of corn and also Seabass
  • Seasoned Braised Marlin Filet: Tomato, Allspice powder, Pumpkin and also White Marlin
  • Seasoned Pumpkin Stew: Potato, Carrot, Pumpkin and also Allspice powder
  • Skipper’s Skewer: Cob of corn, carrot, Thyme and also Seabass
  • Snapper Steak: Cob of corn, Onion, Rice and also Red snapper
  • Spicy Baked Mackerel: Carrot, Potato, Black pepper and also Mackerel
  • Spicy Corn Rice and Carrots: Cob of corn, carrot, Rice and also Black pepper
  • Stir-Fried Bluefish: Rice, Eggplant and also Bluefish
  • Spicy Flounder Salad: Tomato, Carrot, Flounder and also black pepper
  • Sweet Krabby Patties: Crab, Cane Sugar, Rice and also Pumpkin
  • Strong-arm Platter: Chili flakes, Eggplant, Red snapper and also Carrot
  • Sweet Lover’s Stew: Carrot, Clam, cob of corn and also Cane Sugar
  • Sweet Pumpkin-Corn Rice: Pumpkin, Cob of corn, Rice and also Cane Sugar
  • Tomato-Onion Soup: Tomato and also Onion
  • Wanderer’s Ration: Lobster, Eggplant, Ginger root and also Potato
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