Stellaris Ascension Perks ID List

Welcome to the Stellaris Ascension Perks ID List, you will find all the Ascension Perks and their ids, and we will show you how to use them (console commands & cheat)

How to use the Cheat / Console Command?

You can use the IDs we are going to provide you with the cheat:

Ascension Perk (activate) – activate_ascension_perk X: Where X is the name of the ascension perk

Example: activate_ascension_perk ap_evolutionary_mastery

If you want to check more cheats, go to Console Commands.

Stellaris Ascension Perks ID List – Full List

  • Evolutionary Mastery: ap_evolutionary_mastery
  • The Flesh is Weak: ap_the_flesh_is_weak
  • Synthetic Evolution: ap_synthetic_evolution
  • World Shaper: ap_world_shaper
  • Mind over Matter: ap_mind_over_matter
  • Transcendence: ap_transcendence
  • Master Builders: ap_master_builders
  • Imperial Prerogative: ap_imperial_prerogative
  • One Vision: ap_one_vision
  • Consecrated Worlds: ap_consecrated_worlds
  • Executive Vigor: ap_executive_vigor
  • Galactic Force Projection: ap_galactic_force_projection
  • Defender of the Galaxy: ap_defender_of_the_galaxy
  • Galactic Contender: ap_galactic_contender
  • Technological Ascendancy: ap_technological_ascendancy
  • Mastery of Nature: ap_mastery_of_nature
  • Voidborne: ap_voidborn
  • The Circle of Life: ap_the_circle_of_life
  • Galactic Wonders: ap_galactic_wonders
  • Interstellar Dominion: ap_interstellar_dominion
  • Eternal Vigilance: ap_eternal_vigilance
  • Grasp the Void: ap_grasp_the_void
  • Synthetic Age: ap_synthetic_age
  • Machine Worlds: ap_machine_worlds
  • Shared Destiny: ap_shared_destiny
  • Colossus Project: ap_colossus
  • Enigmatic Engineering: ap_enigmatic_engineering
  • Nihilistic Acquisition: ap_nihilistic_acquisition
  • Transcendent Learning: ap_transcendent_learning
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