Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle

Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle Guide

Welcome to the Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle Guide. We provide you the solution for every puzzle, the locations of all the pieces and some tips to complete the area

Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle

During the final excavation you will hace to solve some puzzles, some of them are tricky, so we provide you the solution of each of them:

Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle – Staircase

In the room with the staircase, there are two puzzles, because you have to unlock the staircase and also the body armor:


When you get in the room with the staircase, you will see that the staircase is blocked by bars, so

Solution: First turn the stone pillars to two eagles, then turn the lever to get down

Once you solve this first puzzle, if you turn the lever, you will face Ahizdal, so maybe you prefer to solve the rest of the puzzles first

Body Armor

In the same room, you will also find a set of body armor, also blocked by bars.

Solution: You also have to turn the stone pillar, but now into two fishes, then turn the lever. You will receive the Ahizdal’s armor of retribution as reward

Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle – Stone Slab

There is another room or chamber with some special stone slabs, where you have to get the metal bars to rise, to do so:

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Solution: Go into sneak mode & fast roll through all the stone slabs. You will complete this puzzle if you can light up all the stone slabs at the same time. Once completed, get the ring from the room

Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle – Floor Puzzle

The floor puzzle is really frustrating, so here you have a videoguide from the youtuber Kristie lee to see how to complete it in less than a minute:

Ahzidal Armor Pieces Location

And another guide (from youtuber Roadkill Industries) to find all the pieces of the Ahzidal armor: the two Ahzidal rings, the mask of Ahzidal, a Black Book, and a word of power.