Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats chat commands

Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats & Chat Commands

Welcome to the Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats & Chat Commands guide –  How to enable cheats, use them, and all the available Chat Commands

Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats chat commands

Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats – Enable Cheats

You have to find the file SurvivalGame.lua, go to steam library, right click on scrap mechanic, select properties, and follow this route:  properties > local files > browse local files > Survival > Scripts > game > SurvivalGame.lua

Open SurvivalGame.lua with notepad, find the line “if g_survival then”, and change it to “if true then” to enable cheats

Open the Chat

If you followed the previous steps, the cheats are enabled, just open the chat (press Enter) and use the cheat you want:

Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats – Chat Commands

Use “/” always before the chat command

  • Ammo: /ammo – gives you 40 ammo
  • Spudgun: /spudgun – gives you the spudgun
  • Potato gatling gun: /gatling – gives you the Potato gatling gun
  • Fries shotgun: /shotgun – gives you the fries shotgun
  • Sunshake: /sunshake – gives you the sunshake
  • Revival baguette: /baguette- gives you the revival baguette
  • Keycard: /keycard – gives you a keycard
  • Powercore: /powercore – gives you a powercore
  • Components: /components – gives you 10 components
  • Glowsticks: /glowsticks – gives you 10 glowsticks
  • Tumble: /tumble – set tumble state
  • God Mode: /god
  • Respawn: /respawn – You will respawn at last bed or crash site
  • Encrypt: /encrypt – To disable interactions (warehouses)
  • Decrypt: /decrypt  – To enable interactions (warehouses)
  • Limited: /limited – To use limited inventory
  • Unlimited: /limited – To use unlimited inventory
  • Ambush: /ambush – To start an encounter
  • Recreate: /recreate – To recreate world
  • Timeofday: /timeofday – To set time
  • Timeprogress: /timeprogress – To enable or disable timeprogress
  • Day: /day – To set time to daytime
  • Spawn a unit: /spawn + [woc, tapebot, totebot or haybot]
  • Harvestable: /harvestable – To create a harvestable
  • Cleardebug: /cleardebug – To clear debug
  • Export Blueprint: /export “Exports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint”
  • Import Blueprint: /import “Exports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint”
  • Starter kit: /starterkit – To get an starter kit
  • Starter kit (Mechanic Station): /mechanicstartkit – To get an starterkit at Mechanic Station
  • Pipe kit: /pipekit  – To get an pipe kit
  • Food kit: /foodkit  – To get an food kit
  • Seed kit: /seedkit  – To get an seed kit
  • Set HP: /sethp
  • Set Water: /setwater
  • SetFood: /setfood
  • Clear hostile units: /aggroall – To clear hostile units
  • Teleport: /goto
  • Raid: /raid – Also set the level, wave and delay [/raid (level) (wave) (delay)
  • Cancel Raid: /stopraid
  • Disable Raid: /disableraid
  • Spline Camera tool: /camera – o get an Spline Camera tool
  • Clear path nodes: /clearpathnodes
  • Enable path potatoes: /enablepathpotatoes
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Scap Mechanic Survival Cheats – Video Guide

This video guide, by youtuber Scrap T, is especially useful if you have any trouble enabling the cheats