Rime Room Escape Guide

Rime Room Escape Guide

Welcome to the Rime Room Escape Guide, we will help you to escape, giving you info about the items, locations and escape routes

Rime Room Escape Guide

Rime Room Escape Guide – Walkthrough

Step by step guide to get the normal ending

1- key: Open the top drawer of the desk and get the key

2- Batteries: Open the electric box (back wall) with the key

3- Binoculars: Walk through the elevator door, take the binoculars from the wall (right) and get aout

4- Signs: Use the binoculars at the window, above the main door

5- Knob: Tap the draw (table) and use the symbols. The solution is Right, left, left, right, right, right, left and finally left

6- Remote control unit: Once you get it from the drawer, place the bateries (step 2) and close the panel.

7- Fuse: In the box on the wall close to the main door (right) you will see a pattern of shapes. Go back to the remote control and tap the button with the same shapes, then tap the rectangle. Go back to the wall box and tap the right button, open the box and take the fuse.

8- Fuse II: From where you are tap the wooden crate on the floor (left) and take another fuse. Place both fuses in the electric box (back wall)

9- Empty can: Go to the elevador and go to the 2nd floor (left lever), get out and take the empty can (right) from the floor

10- Hook: Keep going, open the metal box, and take the hook from the top

11- Phillips head: Go back to the elevator but outside tap the hole (lower left corner) to get Phillips head, then use the elevator and go to the ground floor


12- String: Interact with the knife (table), then open your inventory, select the binocular, and use it with the knife to get the string, combine it with the hook

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13- Drawer know: Use the hook+string combined in the vent on the floor (left of the elevator to get the drawer knob.

14- Matches: use the knob with the lower drawer at the desk to open it and get the matches

15- Small metal fixture: Tap the bench vice (table), use the Phillips head with the vice jaws and get the small metal fixture. But don’t forget to take back the phillips head

16- News paper: Take it from the same table

17- Sheet of paper: Climb the ladder and take the sheet of paper from the top. It will give you a clue for the next step

18- Switches: Tap on the box to the left of the main door, use the small metal fixture on the lock and slide to the left and finally set the switches acording to the clue (solution on, off, off, on, on, off, on, off, on). It will change the lights of the room

19- Pins: Acording to the lights of the room, set the pins of the padlock of the main door (bottom bolt). Then tap the button at the botton to open it

20- Square part: outside, in the snow

21- Snow: use the empty can in the snow

Hot Water

22- Hot water: go to the stove, place the news paper there. Light it with the matches, and place the snow (empty can) onto the stove, and take it.

23- Screwdriver: put the hot water in the frozen bucket (backdoor – outside), take the screwdriver handle and use it with the phillips head to get the screwdriver.

24- Iron box: Climb the ladder, use the screwdriver on the screw (metal catch on the right), open the door (tap the catch), find the box and use the screwdriver on the 4 screws. Open it and memorize the symbol diagram. Tap the rectagle of the remote control unit, tap the buttons acording to the symbol diagram, and activate it. Now go to the balcony, open the metal box and take the iron box

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25- Round part: Go to the 2nd floor using the elevator, then use the ladder to get back to the ground floor. Open the elevator door and take the round part from the shaft (right plate).

26- Key: Tap on the hole on the wall and use a match until you find a key inside

27- Spanner – XXX puzzle: Use the key on the lock of the wooden crate near (left) to the main door. Then find the 3 clues from the 3 places in the same room marked with an X (right wall, top of the small desk, and above the table on the wall). Solution: Top – Left, Middle – Right, Bottom – 2nd from far right, then tap the square

28- Iron rod: Remove the nut and the chain of the main door with the spanner

29- Crank handle: go to the left of the elevator door and tap to the left of the frame. Then remove nuts with the spanner, and open the frame

Coin & Book

30- Coin & Book: Go to the elevator shaft (requires elevator 2nd floor), use the crank handle in the hole (right). Turn it on, and take the coin & book from the left door

31- Elevator: Go to the 2nd floor, open the elevator door, use the iron rod in the hole (down left), get inside the elevator and go down

32- Key: Tap the plate (2 screws), use the coin with the screws and get the key

33- Crumpled paper: Go back to 2nd floor, you can now open the box of the balcony. Get the crumpled paper, unfold it and get the triangular part and also the paper (has a clue)

34- Wire brush: Go to the ground floor, interact with the 2 paper clues of the table and place the square (top right), the triangle (middle) and the circle (lower left) in the iron box, then tap the lever (right)

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35- Parchment: Behind the picture of the back wall there is a dirty plate. Clean it with the brush and use the diagram of the parchment on the remote control.

36- 3 dial lock: You will find it in the wooden crate (main door), use the wire brush on the dials and discover a 4 letter word, solution: snow

Rime Room Escape Guide – Normal Ending

37- Final Key: Use the word in the lock to unlock the book, turn pages, get the key and finally escape. But if you want to get the true ending…:

Rime Room Escape Guide – True Ending

Requires to get the normal ending first, and then:

1- Latch: Take the padlock back, you removed it from the main door. Then remove the latch from it

2- Paper fragment: (the elevator has to be on the 2nd floor) use the latch to unscrew the 4 screws of the hole at the back of the shaft. Get the iron plate, turn it over and get the paper fragment

3- Paper Fragment II: Go to the 2nd floor through the ladder, get into the elevator, move the elevator down (level) and get stuck inside. Place the paper fragment on the first left page of the book. Then go to the elevator door of the 2nd floor and pull the lever on the wall. Go back to the ground floor (ladder), go to the elevator shaft, tap on the hole. Use de padlock + the latch combined on the chain. Go back to the elevator door of the 2nd floor (ladder) and pull the lever. You will see a symbol in the lower left corner of the chest. Match it with the buttons of the remote control, activate it, and open the chest.

4- True ending: Place the Paper fragment II to the 1st page of the book and finally get the true ending