Power Simulator Robot Guide – Key Locations

Welcome to the Power Simulator Robot guide. We will provide you the locations of the 10 keys to unlock the BOTS building, defeat the Robot Boss and get the rocket skill

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Power Simulator Robot Guide – Quest

Robot is a quest and also the 1st NPC Boss in the game. You can start the quest at the 100 endurance training area, get into the “BOTS” building (near the “FISH” building), and talk to the Gate Master to start the quest where you have to find 10 keys before you can fight the boss. We provide you the 10 locations below

Once you have the 10 keys, defear the Robot Boss to get the skill Rocket, wich increases the Psychic Force

Power Simulator Robot Guide – Key Locations

As we told you, there are 10 keys, and these are their locations:

1- Wooden Key: 100 endurance training area > Ice Factory (inside) > on a barrel

2- Stone Key: 1B endurance training area > Volcano (behind)

3- Chrome Key: 100B endurance training area > Nuclear Plant (outside) > at the bench close to the fountain

4- Metal Key: 1M endurance training area > Firehouse (inside) > Wood Planks (behind)

5- Red Key: 100M Psychic training area > Library (top floor)

6- Gold Key: Spawn > Orange Building (rooftop)

7- Brilliant Key: 100 agility training area > Trampoline (underneath)

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8- Green Key: 100M punch power training area > Eastern Islands (Heads) > Forest close to the edge of the island

9- Bluen Key: Atlantis area > From the lighthouse, go to the closest lightpole, look at the rockgates

10- Purple Key: 10K endurance training area > Dance Club > Highway > Billboard

Find them all to unlock the Boss Building

Video – Key Locations

If you have any doubt with any of the keys, you can also check all the locations in this video from the youtuber Gaming Dan: