Nox Escape Walkthrough

Welcome to Nox Escape Walkthrough, a step by step guide to solve all the puzzles of the game, with all the answers and tips you need

Nox Escape Walkthrough – 1/5

  • Rotate the camera (button)
  • Tap the cell door (locked), then go back (arrow), take the bone from the bucket (inside) and drg it to the lock (cell door)
  • Take the screwdriver from the crate (examine it) and take a photo of the wine bottles
  • Rotate the camera (missing fuse), then move the box to reveal the ventilation shaft
  • Vent: Zoom, remove the lid with the screwdriver and crawl through
  • Bathroom: Take the bear snow globe from the right blue cabinet and notice the scale. Rotate the camera and get the fish drawing from the brown cabinet. The washing machine is locked, but go to the corridor (open the door)
  • Corridor: Rotate the camera and turn on the light (flick the switch). Rotate the camera again and interact with the painting to get a clue, then head to the brown door
  • Living room: You have to find the pieces for the domino, but not now. Rotate the camera, eexamine the tv, take the book from the left cabinet (open it), examine the book (inventory) and take the key. Get the other half of the fish drawing, it’s under the yellow sofa.
  • Living room: combine the 2 parts of the drawing (inventory). Finally take the snow globe from the shelf (left of the TV)
  • Go to the skateboard’s corridor, rotate the camera and unlock the x2 door with the key to get to the Main Hall
  • 2nd floor > tap on red door > code = 478 (the 3 numbers connected by the purple line in the drawing)
  • Zoom on the desk, take the radio and in you move the folders you will notice there is a missing piece (corner)
  • Examine the radio (inventory) and take the battery from the back (turn it)

Nox Escape Walkthrough – 2/5

  • Take the domino from the shelves and turn the framed artwork to see the letter A
  • Rotate the camera, notice the chess pieces and pull of the small painting to the left, then go back
  • Living Room: Place the domino (table), and rotate the pieces until they all match. Take the box on the chair and open it from your inventory. Complete the labyrinth puzzle by moving your device
  • Main Hall: Unlock the upper left door with the key, get into the corridor,
  • Examine the notepad (clue: letter T), go next room (bedroom), open the suitcase and examine the album. Rotate the camera and examine the desk by the closet, then take the flashlight from the drawer.
  • Combine flashlight + battery
  • There is one item missing in the closet, but go back to the corridor > beige door (children’s room)
  • Children’s room: Examine the critter cage, also pick the chalkboard eraser up. Erase the face on the green chalkboard (with the eraser). Rotate the camera, there is another eyeball snow globe on the shelf, take it. Also open the coloring book and color the shapes with the right color
  • Get out and take the axe from the heart painting, then go to the Main Hall
  • Use the axe on the cracked banister (top of the stairs), and now drag the pot (pedestal) through the opening to break it, take the blacklight attachment and combine it with the flashlight.
  • Go to the skateboard’s corridor, use the blacklight flashlight on the circle (wall), turn off the light (notice the clock clue) and turn on the light
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Nox Escape Walkthrough – 3/5

  • Living Room: set the clock as it was in the previous clue to take the key, and use it to unlock the other door and get to the game room
  • Game Room: Take the lighter (table), go to the lava lamp, take the jar (left) and turn it over to get yarn, then leave
  • Sewing room: Remember the drawing of the blackboard (children’s room), make the same pattern with the yarn, then climb up to the attic
  • Attick: take the pipe wrench and go back to the basement
  • Basement: see the switch on the column by the stairs? use the wrench on it, then go through the door and reach the next door
  • Examine the robot and also the paint (clue), then find a paper on the bookshelves and examine it, is another clue
  • Take the orange xylophone bar from the cabinet (open it)
  • Rotate the camera, go through the right door (slide the lock) and you will be back in the main hall
  • Children’s room: Place the xylophone bar and tap the bars in the same order as the colors of the photo near the other robot:  Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Red, Yellow. Take the retro boy and also the weird puzzle piece
  • Workroom: Place the weird puzzle piece (desk) and also take the wine (drawer)
  • Examine the retro boy (inventory) and turn the power switch. Minigame: Just don’t die until you get the darts clue
  • Game room: Hit the spots (previous clue) of the dart board, Then press the button, and now you can place the wine bottle (bar). But the order of the bottles is the same order as the colors of the basement (bottles): Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White, Gray. Complete this step and take the billiard cue
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Nox Escape Walkthrough – 4/5

  • Attick: Close the window, use the billiard cue on it, and light the candles with the lighter. Then rotate the camera and flick the light switch (support beam).
  • Find the washing machine manual under the light switch, but also open the box (under it) there is a switch for the washing machine
  • See the shelf? examine the trophy (letter H), then rotate the camera and take the snow globe memory. Also open the suitcase (letter W)
  • You can also take the fire extinguisher (chair) and a locked toolbox, take everything and leave
  • Bathroom: Use the knob on the wahing machine, press the 1st button, rotate it (the knob) to the lower left symbol, press 3rd button, rotate the knob (top symbol), press the 1t button and finally take the toy train track (inside)
  • Children’s room: Place the train track, tap the train, wait at the other side of the track and take the doorknob
  • Go to the 2nd corridor and use the knob on the door
  • Dinning Room: Take the hat (chair) and the lighthouse painting (wall), but examine the other paintings and find  the letter B.
  • Chess board: Knock off all the pieces until the white knight faces a rook and the back knight faces a king
  • Pull the curtains (to the right) and pull the chair (it was behind) to the table
  • Slide the other 2 chairs of the room to the table (1 chair per plate) and take the amulet from the crashed chandelier
  • Rotate the camera, notice the door and leave
  • Work room: place the lighthouse painting (rook) on the burnt spot, and notice the crown painting. white knight must face the lighthouse painting and black knight must face the crown painting, finally take the amulet (wall)
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  • Bedroom: Combine the 2 amulet pieces (inventory) and place the new amulet in the slot in the closet
  • Code for the Safe: 5247 (based on the paper with the math formulas), unlock the safe and take the fuse
  • Basement: Place the fuse and press them in this order (starting from the left): 5th, 4th and 3rd, then go through the door (to the kitchen)
  • Kitchen: Examine the table and take the envelope, examine it, there is a part of a love letter. Then rotate the camera, examine the counter and take the snow globe. Finally take the cooking pot from the cupboard and fill it in the sink
  • Bedroom: Place the letter part with the other part (inside the scrapbook) and take the buttons (open drawer)
  • Living Room: Pour the water on the fireplace and take the billiard ball
  • Game room: Place the billiard ball in its place and use the hidden staircase
  • Basement – Secret room: Notice the documents & photos (file cabinet) and turn the pc on (4 monitors), find the snow globe memory in one of the boxes. Rotate the camera and use the laboratory’s door
  • Laboratory: Take the hair clip (table). Rotate the camera and get the measuring cup (inside the cabinet), and read the instructions of the journal (table).
  • Laboratory tubes: Go to the medicine cabinet, take the medicine with the purple cap and pour it into the purple test tube and the medicine with the yellow cap into the green test tube
  • Kitchen: fill the measuring cup in the sink
  • Attick: unlock the toolbox with the hairpin (hair clip), complete the minigame (line up the red lines and press the big button), and take the roofing hammer

Video Walkthrough

If you want you can also use the Chapter 5’s videoguide walkthrough, by the youtuber Puzzlegamesolver