No More Secrets Walkthrough guide

No More Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to No More Secrets Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

No More Secrets Walkthrough guide

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 1

  • Lizzie: Be nice with her to get 50 bucks, tell her “Happy Birthday Lizzie” to get 2RP & 1 LP, and also “Don’t worry, I will talk to Phill
  • Get dressed (your room – Closet) and go to Lizzie’s Room: Knock (+1RP), or 1st Floor Bathroom: Knock. Then go to the kitchen
  • Before class (school):
    • Talk to Steven & Vanessa (near your class) and help Stephania (1RP)
    • Talk to Rene & Lizzie (Lizzie’s class)
    • Brandy & Harry (your class). Then click your desk to start the class
  • After the 1st class: Talk to Stephania & Steven (hall), and also talk to Brandy (class). Then you have to choose between Rene & Potter (best choice)
  • (If you went with Potter) > Bathroom
  • Go to the computer room, don’t make fun of Potter and go back to your class to talk to Potter about the fake ID:
    • Pay him or
    • Call Stephania (if you caught him…) and tell her I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful today to get 1RP with stephania
  • If you went with the “Get your hands on the pictures” > Sweet > She is Sweet (1RP) > kiss > 1LP&1RP
  • Math class, when stephania as Phill “Mr Smithson are you kidding? > you would like to…with her to get 1RP & 1LP
  • Place the camera (locker room) and come back
  • Talk to Phill (his office) and yo Daphne, to get 1 RP with her tell her she is 27, tell the truth about the alcohol to get 50 bucks

Episode 1 – Birthday girl – Biology answers

  • Biology test (your class), answer this:
    • Whever i see you…
    • If you ask me nicely…
    • Protecting my heart not to…
    • Hopefully for you…
    • As many as you need
    • The butterflies i got…
    • You can tell them however…
    • My hand is all yours
    • When i’m in your class…
    • Let’s meet and you can…
  • Give the paper to Anastasia > go to the locker room & give 50 bucks to Stephania (ask for something in return to get 1RP & 1LP) , then talk to Steven
  • Take Lizzie home (her class) > choose get your payment now (1RP & 1LP)
  • Jeane’s Bikini (at home) > Awesome (1RP & 1LP)
  • Go to your room, change your clothes, talk to Lizzie (her room) and spy on Jeane until the end to get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Go to the kitchen, click on the paper and go to the shop. If you are in Rene’s path > Be polite and tell him “The fact that she’s pretty and you…” to get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Take everything to the kitchen > help Jeane (1RP) > Go with Lizzie and look to get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Move the lawn (outside) > say Jeane you will take care of her daughter (1RP)
  • Meet Steven(living room) go to harry’s house and take the fake id
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No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 2

  • Lizzie’s gift: Choose what you want, but if you choose “d*ildo” you will have to fix it later
  • Lizzie’s room: Gorgeous (1RP & 1LP)
  • When Steven tells you Stephania needs a ride, go alone, tell her you told them to wait for her, kiss her and get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Talk to Steven, and when Keith asks > Yeah…Your girlfriend & tell him to chill down to get (1RP & 1LP) with Amie
  • Talk to Brandy if you kissed her > “It was nice, but no” & But this time, i really want (1RP & 1LP)
  • Vanessa: It was…now it’s only mine, and so are you (1RP & 1LP)
  • Gifts: Only if your gift was a d*ildo say it was a joke and you are gonna fix everything

Episode 2 – Party Night – Dance & Spin the Bottle

  • Dance:
    • Amie: My standards are way…(1RP & 1LP) & keith is dancing with Stephania (1RP)
    • Brandy: Be nice and tell her not to worry (1RP)
    • Stephania: Why wait untill monday (1RP & 1LP)
    • Lizzie: Let her know you care about her (1RP), jeane will call, truth (1RP Jeane) or lie (1RP Lizzie)
    • Vanessa: Feet > massage (only) (1RP & 1LP)
  • Spin the Bottle:
    • Amie: 1st – Left & take a peek (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – Oh Really? Thats why yo didn’t stopped…, 3rd – Number 5 – Don’t rush, kiss her first
    • Brandy:  1st – Don’t say anything about the kiss or I can see why (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – You are happy brandy is the one (1RP & 1LP), 3rd – Number 3 – Undress (1RP & 1LP)
    • Lizzie: 1st – Too bad your skirt is…(1RP & 1LP), 2nd  – The card said french (1RP & 1LP) 3rd- Number 1 – Lie for her (1RP)
    • Stephania: 1st – ask if she needs help (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – not easy to impress (1RP & 1LP), 3rd – Number 4 – Don’t use your finger (1RP)
    • Vanessa: 1st – roommate too? (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – Rene is too young for the show (1RP & 1LP), 3rd – Number 2 – let her decide and don’t rush (1RP & 1LP)
    • You – in your 2nd dare you have to choose one, and you will get (1RP & 1LP) with the one you choose, so up to you
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No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 3

  • Yard door > Cops > Movie from the Car > choice:
    • Amie: I’m not sure, maybe after you changed i can say & Don’t worry dear i will protect you…(1RP & 1LP)
    • Brandy: And if we are somewhere else? & Don’t go any further (2RP & 1LP)
    • Lizzie: Take her to her room & hug (2RP & 1LP)
    • Stephania: I might have some ideas (1RP & 1LP), be crazy
    • Vanessa: Kiss her (1RP & 1LP)
  • After the movie:
    • If your choice was Stephania: Scene with her or also with Keith
    • Other choices: Tell Amie (1RP) or scene with Stephania & Keith
  • Club: As you want
  • Talk to Amie, Vanessa & Lizzie about Rene’s pool
  • (Only if your gift was a d*isldo and you didn’t admit > Amber’s room > Rene’s room > Get Resit)
  • Rene’s pool:
    • Brandy: Sunscreen > don’t complain too much (1RP & 1LP)
    • Amie: what you want
    • Lizzie: If you watched the movie with her > You told me to kiss your whole (1RP)
    • Stephania: you will do anything for her (1RP), but don’t ask for anything
    • Vanessa: give her the phone & kiss her
  • Nichole’s appartment: Doesn’t matter…lets talk about your pictures, I know each of them has a back story (Save the Game)

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 4

  • Kitchen > talk to Lizzie > 1st floor bathroom > yard > if you went with keith & stephania (movie night) he will help you
  • Go to your class (geography) > meet Anastasia (scene) > go back to class > meet Daphne > bet results
  • Brandy (outside school – left): Only when she is around (1RP & 1LP)
  • Jeane: Drive her shopping
  • Shooping: Amie will give you something for Jeane, don’t talk, just knock (1RP & 1LP)
  • Bar: Go for the kiss (1RP & 1LP)
  • Home: Play games (your room), go to Nichole > photo choice (what you want)
  • Home again: Jeane (living room) you will do that for her (1RP & 1LP), don’t choose Eyes (1RP & 1LP). Then go to lizzie’s room and choose kinky stuff to smile for the photo (1RP & 1LP). Go to sleep
  • Breakfast > Car > Jeane (I don’t mind) > school > boys dressing room

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 5

  • Cecile: act like you don’t know her (1RP & 1LP)
  • Daphne: Go with her, she can call you whenever she wants (1RP), & you can help her win the lottery (1RP & 1LP)
  • Todd (computer room) > Steven (bathroom) (3RP & 3LP with Saeki)
  • Harry > Rene > Biology class > Dianna (raise your grades) > Math class > Take Lizzie & Vanessa to a movie (1RP with each)
  • Lizzie (outside left): Make her convince you (play hard) with a kiss (1RP & 1LP)
  • Change your clothes (your room) > go to the bar > Alison will go to the bathroom (save and go with her if you want 1 scene) > load from the last save and stay with Lizzie
  • At home:
    • Lizzie (her room): Ask Todd & you will help her more often if that’s the reward (1RP & 1LP)
    • Jeane (1st floor bathroom): Massage
    • Your room: Nichole will call you
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No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 6

  • Breakfast > School > Give the glasses back to Harry (Saeki hasthem)
  • Geography class: 50, Russia, Vatican City
  • Brandy: She is cute, make feel good (1RP & 1LP), kiss, Smart & Sweet (1RP & 1LP), but in the last question tell her she is really attractive, not ony cute
  • Stephania (your class) help her skip the classes (1RP & 1LP)
  • Start next class > talk to Lizzie (2nd hall) > receive a kiss from Vanessa and Lizzie (lie)
  • Anastasia: Outside school left > car > she her change her cloths
  • Stephania > clinic > get to her house (1RP & 1LP) > tell her she needs affection (1RP & 1LP)
  • Home: Living room > bathroom (upstairs) > change your clothes > Vanessa (living room) > Lizzie: Keep the secret (1RP)

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 7

  • Car with Saeki: Stop if you want an scene, enjoy (3LP), but at the end li*ck (2LP)
  • Annie: You can’t complay (1RP & 1LP), take her home (1RP & 1LP) and she is winning because Saeki left (1RP & 1LP)
  • Talk with Phill and take a shower
  • Brandy: call her Angel (1RP), choose Biology, Kiss her (1RP & 1LP)
  • Home: Talk to Lizzie (Drop a fork 1RP & 1LP) and Vanessa
  • Truth or Dare: You didn’t kissed Brandy (1RP & 1LP), Kiss Vanessa (1RP & 1LP), Kiss Lizzie (1RP & 1LP), Who would you spy on (RP with the girl of your choice)
  • Your room: Watch some p…, you like Amie’s gift (RP)
  • Breakfast > jogging > don’t try to kiss Vanessa
  • Home: Shower (1st flooor), picture with Lizzie, talk to hem (living room), Change clothes

Episode 1 – Let’s Get out of here – Charity Event

  • Dance with Jeanne: Kiss
  • Mahabbah: No strings attached and take of…
  • Jeane (room): Peek

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 8

  • Mahabbah: go nake*d and don’t run away, then be hard in every choice
  • Jeane (car): Be honest (1RP & 1LP)
  • Horse: If you don’t want to close Amie’s path Make her understand you are interested
  • Home: Jeane > help Amie > shower > movie (living room) > Amie Scene
  • Lizzie (couch) tell her 3 things > lips
  • Steven: Tell him the truth
  • Anastasia: You can close the path, but if you keep going you will have an scene
  • Home: Bath (upstairs), Vanesa (make a move, but don’t kiss her)
  • Date with Stephania: buy wine and suggest Amber to have a date some time, but at the restaurant be a gentleman with Stephania

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 9

  • Scenes with Stephania & Brandy