Megaman Zero 4 Recipes Guide – Chips & Items

Megaman Zero 4 Recipes Guide – Chips & Items – All the Head Chips, Body Chips and Foot chips recipes and their parts or ingredients

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Megaman Zero 4 Recipes – Head Chips

These are all the Head Chips recipes and their ingredients:

A-CHARGE recipe parts: V Missile, Sandozer, Raiken, Raiken.

A-RECOVER1 recipe parts: Poplan, V Fencer

A-RECOVER2 recipe parts: Poplan, V Fencer, ArcCannon

A-RECOVER3 recipe parts: Poplan, V Fencer, ArcCannon, P Corpse

Q-CHARGE1 recipe parts: BeamWalker, RBCannon

Q-CHARGE2 recipe parts: BeamWalker, RBCannon, NicosCrabB

Q-CHARGE3 recipe parts: BeamWalker, RBCannon, NicosCrabB, SerpentGear

A-FILLING recipe parts: Bonsect, Molegule, Glacial, Mechameson

WEAPONPLUS recipe parts: Bonsect, Bongal, V. Fire, Triaformer. Descripción: Añade 1 de munición al arma del Z-Knuckle.

Megaman Zero 4 Recipes – Body Chips

These are all the Body Chips recipes and their ingredients:

ABSORB recipe parts: Axeloid, Gyrator, and also Ceratanium

ROLLING recipe parts: Moloid, LamplortX, TellyBomb, and also Ceratanium.

ERASE recipe parts: MiniCrabanB, MiniCrabanR, E-Laser, and also Ceratanium.

STRONG recipe parts: GangaGun, and also Ceratanium

STRONGER recipe parts: GangaGun, Mechameson, and also Ceratanium.

STRONGEST recipe parts: GangaGun, Mechameson, NeedBalloon, and also Ceratanium

REFLECT recipe parts: Gyrator, RefleBeemer, and also Ceratanium

EXTEND recipe parts: Bombadeer, Hechrysta, Eledeserter, and also Ceratanium.

ELF recipe parts: ScrapElf, Beeneran, Mettaur, and also Ceratanium

Megaman Zero 4 Recipes – Foot Chips

These are all the Foot Chips recipes and their ingredients:

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QUICK recipe parts: Kerberos, Kerberos, and also Kerberos

DOUBLEJUMP recipe parts: Faital, GangaGun, GyroCannonH, and also C-Hopper

SPLASHJUMP recipe parts: CryoNeon, Yadokroid, and also MeduHopper.

SPIKETYPEI recipe parts: NeedBalloon, CrossByne, and also CryoNeon

SPIKETYPEW recipe parts: V Claw, Poplan, and also GlassCannon

FROG recipe parts: MagnePaN, MagnePaS, and also Kerosh

Other Recipes

These are the rest of the items recipes and their ingredients:

S Crystal recipe parts: Faital, Mechameson, V. Fire, and also Ceratanium

JunkHead recipe parts: Junk, SerpentGear, and also GlassCannon

JunkBody recipe parts: Ceratanium, S-Crystal, GangaGun, and also Junk

JunkFoot recipe parts: Junk, Bombadeer, Moloid, and also BeamWalker

Junk Part: 2 parts of your choice