my summer car map

Map My Summer Car

Map My Summer Car – A guide with all the key locations, including Wrecked Cars, haybale, mailboxes, Burnt Satsumas, Septic Tanks, and everything you need to find

Map My Summer Car – Full Map

In this map (full map) you will find all the locations you need, see the description of each location below the map:

my summer car map

  • 1-red: Home
  • 2-red: Woodshed
  • 3-red: Sirkka’s House
  • 1-purpple: Firewood guy’s house
  • 2-purpple: Fleetari Repair Shop
  • 3-purpple: Jokke’s House
  • 4-purpple: Dance Pavilion
  • 5-purpple: Ventti House
  • 6-purpple: Mansion
  • 7-purpple: Birdwatching Tower
  • 8-purpple: Homeware Factory
  • 1-orange: Airfield
  • 2-orange: Dirt Track
  • 3-orange: Drag racing start
  • 4-orange: Garbage disposal pit
  • 5-orange: Jail
  • 6-orange: Landfill site
  • 7-orange: Strawberry Field
  • 8-orange: Ski hill
  • 1-blue: Cottage Island
  • 2-blue: Graveyard
  • 3-blue: Lindell inspection shop
  • 4-blue: Radio Mast
  • 5-blue: Teimo’s Shop / Pub Nappo
  • 6-blue: Wastewater treatment plant
  • 7-blue: Jokke’s new house
  • 8-blue: Teimo’s House
  • 9-blue: Grain processing plant
  • 10-blue: Farm
  • Red X: 13 suitcases locations
  • yelllow Stars: 6 toilets locations
  • green Stars: 8 Burnt Satsumas locations
  • Blue Stars: 3 Police checkpoints locations
  • Green Circles: 5 Septic Tanks locations
  • Blue Circles: 5 Bus Stops locations
  • Yellow Circles: 16 Wrecked Cars locations

Wrecked Cars

As we told you above you can find up to 16 wrecked cars in the game (the 16 yellow circles on the previous map). Once you find one, you can deliver it to Fleetari (purpple 2) to earn money


As we told you above you can find up to 13 Suicases in the game (the 13 Red X on the previous map). Each suitcase contains 1,5M to 2M mk and you just have to press F while looking at one to open it

Map My Summer Car – Haybale Locations

Find 9 haybales east of grandma’s home, another 9 haybales east of the farm, and the other 5 haybales southeast of grandma’s home (via highway), you can also check the locations on the map:

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haybale map

Map My Summer Car – Mailboxes

The blue poins are mail boxes, more details below the map:

mailboxes map

  • Strawberry field: Lantakari and also Ruosto
  • Sirkka’s house: Kesseli
  • Kesselinpera: Kesseli
  • House near the southeastern Loppentie crossroad: Kusenius
  • Firewood guy’s house: Livaloinen
  • Jokke’s house: Ollevi
  • Loppe: Saastamoinen, Yksmarkka, Freetari and also Pahlanjuutana
  • Ventti house: Ritoranta
  • House southwest of the radio mast: Maurinainen
  • Teimo’s house: Pielinen
  • House south of the Perajarvi school: Ters
  • Perajarvi apartments: Tappi, Ketvokka, Blank, Jussakka, Sikajuutana, blank and also blank
  • Graveyard: Saine, Ojanto, Pirtinsola, Tahmantaus and also Suomi

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Hope you have enjoyed the map