Isoland 3 Walkthrough

Isoland 3 Walkthrough – Dust of the universe

Welcome to the Isoland 3 Walkthrough, a step by step guide to complete all the puzzles and beat the game

Isoland 3 Walkthrough

Isoland 3 Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Cut the paper drawing (spaceship) with the scissors
  • Head right, talk with the man, and go to the beach
  • Pick up the middle rock and memorize the drawing
  • Go right, back left, go right and back left again, then pick up the bugle
  • Goright and collect the fruit
  • Go down, then right, collect the stick and tap on the door and solve the puzzle (none of the metal rods can get stuck on the others)


  • Give the bugle to the man and get into the cave
  • Take the lamp key, place the rock in the middle top hole and pick up the seed
  • Go back with the man, place the seed in the water and take the cube
  • Place the cube where you found the lamp key and go through the door
  • Turn the lamp with the lamp key and take a picture of the mural (or remember the symbols)
  • Go to the beach, then left and finally up (the machine), tap on the machine and match the symbols (like the mural)

Isoland 3 Walkthrough – Boat

  • Go to where the bird was and get onto the boat
  • Take the moon sticker and give the fruit to the captain (see the number “1” between the arrows)
  • Get out of the boat, tap on the bird and get back, then go through the boat door (Penrose Ship)
  • Solve the puzzle and talk to the chef (see the number “2”)
  • Go downstaitrs and take the red suitcase (shelves)
  • Go to the red box (left) and press the buttons like this: OXOXOXX
  • Examine the window (notice number 4 and the green object by the white fish)
  • Go upstairs, right door, talk to the sailor and climb down the ladder
  • Take the earth sticker (notice number 3)
  • Go back with the man trying to make a fire, give him the flint and get the coin, also light your stick
  • Go back (down), then left and use your new torch on the vines, then go through the door
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  • Talk with the dog, go through the left door (notice the drawing, and take the shovel from the crack (left wall)
  • Go through the left door again, then twice through the right door, twice through the middle door, and finally through the new door
  • Take the light tube, tap on the door and place the screws (same pattern as on the wall)
  • Place the sliders under the statue as the 4 planets in the sky (you can see them where you found the flower) and take the gold nugget
  • Go where the lamp was (cave) and dig with the shovel, then take back the cube
  • Give the gold nugget to the chef (boat) and get the tentacle meat
  • Go where the sailor was (boat right door) inser a coin into the tower viewer ans use the 2 dials, then memorize it or take a picture
  • Give him the light tube, then take the reflector

Tentacle Meat

  • Give the tentacle meat to the dog, then get the blue bone
  • Go through the newest door, place the reflector in the empty slot and move it until the laser hits the eye and the door opens
  • Place the blue bone on the missing arm of the statue and grab the lumpy sphere (mouth)
  • Remember the first drawing on the rocks of the beach, use it to solve the puzle on the wall, notice and take a picture of the drawing of fire
  • Go where the fire was and place the lumpy sphere over the flames
  • Go where the flower was, then go up, and solve the circles pattern using the clue of the tower viewer
  • Solve the triangle’s puzzle
  • Get into the spaceship and talk to the man. Then solve the puzzle on the wall and go through the new door
  • Look out the window, grab the Saturn sticker, and go upstairs
  • Take one book and place it with the rest (shelves), then move them all, each 2 = 2 books, each 1 = 1 book, finally go through the doorway behind the bookshelf
  • Forget about the computer, go back and enter the theater, move the tentacle statue and press the button to get the bread
  • To solve the door puzle connect the 2 circular pieces
  • Take the venus sticker (dark room) and go back to the books room
  • Place the bread on the plate to get and pick up the ant
  • Left doorway > Knock the jar onto the table and open the closet (time capsule)
  • Go back to the 3 boxes and place the ant on the 3rd one, zoom out and notice the symbol floating
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