Ion Fury Cheats & Console Commands

Welcome to the Ion Fury Cheats & Console Commands guide, we will provide you all the available in game and console cheats & commands

Ion Fury Cheats & Console Commands – How to enable Cheats?

There are to ways to activate cheats, in game or with the console:

1- In Game: Go to Title Screen > Options > Cheats > Enter Cheat Code, and finally you enter the code (one by one).

2- Console: Press “Shift” + “~” keys and type “cl_cheatmask -1” and press Enter, then you can type the command you want.

It’s better with the console, there are more options as you will see below:

Ion Fury Cheats & Console Commands – Full List

In Game Cheats

  • Solve Loneliness – IMLONELY
  • Toggle God Mode – IMGOD
  • Toggle Flying – IMLIFTED
  • Give Everything – IMAFK
  • Toggle Show All Map – IMLOST
  • Toggle Clipping – IMFREE
  • Pause AI – IMMOBILE
  • Feel the Payne – IMLIKEMAX
  • Break the Map – IMDUMB
  • Toggle Debug Data Dump – IMREALBUILDER

Console Cheats

Same cheats you can use In Game:

  • Solve Loneliness – cl_cheatmask 1
  • Toggle God Mode – cl_cheatmask 2
  • Toggle Flying – cl_cheatmask 128
  • Give Everything – cl_cheatmask 4
  • Toggle Show All Map – cl_cheatmask 512
  • Toggle Clipping – cl_cheatmask 2048
  • Pause AI – cl_cheatmask 16384
  • Feel the Payne – cl_cheatmask 131072
  • Break the Map – cl_cheatmask 262144
  • Toggle Debug Data Dump – cl_cheatmask 1048576
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Special or console exclusive cheats: No new cheats, but you can activate more than one cheat at the same time

  • All Cheats at the same time: cl_cheatmask 1460871 (this one is especially useful)
  • Solve Loneliness, Toggle God Mode, and also Give All: cl_cheatmask 7
  • Toggle Flying, and also Toggle Show All Map: cl_cheatmask 1460871
  • Remove All Cheats: cl_cheatmask 0


You can also check how to use the cheats or console commands in this video from the youtuber MegaDev Official

Hope you enjoy the cheats, but if you find another one, please tell us in the comments section below