Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox

How to Get Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox?

How to Get Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox – Best farming methods to obtain one of the rarest recipe ingredients of the game

Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox

Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox – How To Get?

Crystallized Iron is a rare ore and is hard to get, but only because there is not a unique totem for it.

To get this rare ore simply mine iron ore and you will get it with a chance of 1%.

So the question is: Where can i find iron nodes to mine? mine iron nodes that either spawn at the mine, Slime Island, Buffalkor Island, or from a totem at your or someone else’s base

There is no way to know what iron ore node contains crystallized iron. So simply farm as much as you can and check your inventory and what you have collected.

Tip: Set up multiple Iron Totems on your island and farm them until you don’t need more crystalized iron

Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox – Uses

There are 3 items that require Crystalized Iron to craft:

  • Iron War Axe: 3 Crystallized Iron + 1 Steel Rod + 40 Iron
  • Vending Machine: 1 Crystallized Iron + 5 Green Sticky Gear + 10 Gold
  • Basic Sprinkler: 1 Crystallized Iron + 2 Green Sticky Gear + 30 Iron

As you can see you are going to need a lot of Iron, so setting up multiple iron Totems on your island is not a bad idea.

And if you already crafted the Iron War Axe, the Vending Machine and the Basic Sprinkler, don’t worry. Everybody wants Crystallized Iron, and it can be sold for a good amount of coins.

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Video Guide

If you still have any doubt check this video from the youtuber StevenTheBeast, and also receive some tips to farm it fast