Hidden Hotel Energy Guide

Welcome to the Hidden Hotel Energy Guide, where we will help you to get more energy just playing and totally free, without spending real money

The energy you have limits the amount of time you can play, because every level you want to play you will need energy. So lets learn how to get more:

Hidden Hotel Energy Guide – Just Wait

As you probably already know after a while the energy is restored, you will get 1 energy every two minutes, and it is the first thing you should measure when you play

Hidden Hotel Energy Guide – 100% Bonus

As you probably also know you can fully restore your energy at certain moments of the game, like when you start a new day. But the thing is that we recommend you to to spend all the energy you have first. So you can get some stars before restoring the energy

Hidden Hotel Energy Guide – Collections

When you complete any collection you always get a reward, and the rewards usually include some energy. So check the suitcase (lower left corner of the screen) and try to complete all the collections. Not only for energy, but also for the rest of rewards

Coins (Free or Pay for them)

You can get coins for free, just playing, or you can pay for them, using real money. But regardless of the origen of the coins, you can buy energy spending coins

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Tasks (& Task bar)

You can get some energy by completing some tasks and also by filling the task bar, as well as other rewards. So when you have available tasks try to complete them as soon as you can

Club (Guild)

You cand send and receive energy if you are in a club. So it is essential if you want to play for hours without stopping