Halloween Simulator Codes – Roblox – June 2024

Do you need some Halloween Simulator Codes? We will provide you all of them, the valid ones and also the expired ones. Check our updated list and claim tons of rewads

Halloween Simulator Codes – Full List

Valid & Active Codes

There is only one active code right now, but you will be really rich once you redeem it, it gives you tons of coins

  • MILO: Use this code to get tons of coins
  • CASHME: Use this code to get tons of coins
  • RUSSO: Use this code to get tons of coins
  • CANDY: Use this code to get tons of candy
  • TWOMILLION: Use this code to get tons of coins
  • million: Use this code to get tons of coins
  • jandelinsta: Use this code to get tons of coins
  • RAZORFISHGAMING: (will work in a few days) Use this code to get tons of coins

There will be more codes in the next days in the weekly updates, the game updates every friday. So come back every friday or saturday to check the new codes and claim your rewards before they expire.

Although we would love to, we don’t and we can’t add new codes to the game. We are just an informative website that updates the codes list as soon as there are new codes to add. So don’t ask us for new codes. But if you think or you know about any other valid code we have not included in the list, please tell us in the comments section, below

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Halloween Simulator Expired codes

There are not expired codes yet, but here we will add every previously valid code that becomes expired. Because if you try to redeem expired codes you will receive an “Invalid” message

Halloween Simulator – How to Redeem?

Click on the Twitter button located on the right side of the screen, the one with a bird icon. Then type the code in the box below and hit confirm (the green button). You can see how to do it in this video guide from the youtuber Gaming Dan

More Roblox Codes – Other Games

We have tons of updated lists with active codes for most of the Roblox Games here.

To find a game’s codes: Follow the link > Find your game (alphabetically) > follow its link. All the codes lists are always updated, so just enjoy the codes and their rewards