GunBlood Cheats

Welcome to the GunBlood Cheats, full list and guide. You can shoot faster, have a laser point or infinite ammo, and also be invincible

When you play GunBlood (and HTML free game) you only have 6 bullets, and you have to be very fast, or you can use the cheats we are going to provide you:

GunBlood Cheats – Full List

Main Menu > Cheats > Enter the cheat and click on Cheat

  • NOHIT = invincibility, like god mode, but it makes it too easy, bullets won’t hit you
  • MOREAMMO: infinite ammo, if you don’t use the cheat you just have 6 bullets
  • POINTER: add laser pointer to the gun, easier to aim
  • FASTFIRE: you can click and also shoot faster

You can also use all the cheats or codes at the same time, just enter them all

GunBlood Cheats – Level cheats

You can also choose the level you want to play. Also Main Menu > Cheats > Enter the level cheat and click on Cheat:


  • 1st Level: LEVEL1
  • 2nd Level: LEVEL2
  • 3rd Level: LEVEL3
  • 4th Level: LEVEL4
  • 5th Level: LEVEL5
  • 6th Level: LEVEL6
  • 7th Level: LEVEL7
  • 8th Level: LEVEL8
  • 9th Level: LEVEL9

Bonus Levels

  • 1st Bonus Level: BONUS1
  • 2nd Bonus Level: BONUS2
  • 3rd Bonus Level: BONUS3
  • 4th Bonus Level: BONUS4

GunBlood Cheats – Videoguide

Do you want to see how the cheats work in-game? Take a look at this video from youtuber StrawLuck: