GreenSpring Lab Codes & Combinations – Castle Clash

Welcome to the GreenSpring Lab Codes & Combinations Guide – Castle Clash. We will provide you the 7 codes or combinations you need to get all the free rewards

Here all the Castle Clash Magic Lab Codes


The GreenSpring Lab is a temporary event wich normally lasts a week. And during this week you can get some free rewards if you find the codes or combinations required.

The combinations are very difficult to guess by your own, and that is why we are going to provide you all of them

Once you introduce a code or combination, the rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 24 hours

The current GreenSpring Lab starts on August 24th and ends on September 1st:

GreenSpring Lab Codes – Combinations

There are 7 rewards, an here the combinations or codes to obtain them all

Karmic Rock IV x1 – (1-2-3-2): 1 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 3 Oyster and also 2 Starfish

Igniting Stone x500 – (2-2-3-1): 2 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 3 Oyster and also 1 Starfish

Great Tongu Scrap x50 – (2-1-2-3): 2 Seaweed, 1 Conch, 2 Oyster and also 3 Starfish

Jar of Gems x20 – (3-2-2-1): 3 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 2 Oyster and also 1 Starfish

Prime Bag VIII x2 – (4-2-2-1): 4 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 2 Oyster and also 1 Starfish

Zenith Stone x250 – (2-1-1-4): 2 Seaweed, 1 Conch, 1 Oyster and also 4 Starfish

Insignia Rine II x1 – (?-?-?-?): ? Seaweed, ? Conch, ? Oyster and also ? Starfish

GreenSpring Lab Codes – How to Combine?

Go to GreenSpring Lab and do the combinations to obtain each reward:

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Example: If you want the Zenith Stone click on the “+” button below Seaweed twice, once on the “+” button below Conch, once on the “+” button below Oyster, Three times on the “+” button below Starfish, and finally click on Combine

If you have any doubt you can also check this video from the youtuber Gaming Art

If you know any other combination, please tell us in the comments section below