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Green Hell Water Guide

Green Hell Water Guide – How to Find water, Carry water, make safe water and build water structures to collect or filter dirty water

green Hell Crafting Recipes

You are going to need water always and it’s going to be one of your priorities, so we are going to explain you all the methods to get water:

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Green Hell Water – How to Find water?

He easiest way in the early game is to find a green coconut. Once you find one, just hit it and drink the clean water

But after you drink water from 2 green coconuts, you will have two coconut bowls. Keep them in your inventory, because you can drop them on the ground when raining and wait until they fill with clean water

Green Hell Water – How to Carry water?

Drink the water from a coconut and you will have an empty coconut, and the coconut bidon recipe unlocked. You just need an empty coconut and a rope, and you will be able to carrt 40 hydration worth of water.

But you can also find a bigger Bidon. Go to the coordinates 44W 17S (Overturned Jeep) and take this bidon with you. Because it allows you to carry 100 hydration water

Green Hell Water – Make Safe Water

You can also drink dirty water, but you have to purify it first. To do it just use coconut bowls on a fire, and a bidon to add dirty water

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Green Hell Water – Water structures & Recipes

Watter Collector

Description: It collects water from the surrounding air, even if it is not raining, but it requires you to place a bowl at the bottom

Location: Cocaine Camp > 50W 27S

Recipe: x4 Long Stick (or long bamboo sticks) + x4 Stick (or bamboo sticks) + x4 Rope + x11 Banana Leaf

Watter Filter

Description: It fillters dirty water, and also requires you to place a bowl at the bottom

Location: River Shack > 51W 19S

Recipe: x2 Long Stick (or long bamboo sticks) + x4 Log (or bamboo logs) + x2 Rope + x3 Charcoal + x2 Stone