FIFA 20 Squad Battles Rewards

Welcome to the FIFA 20 Squad Battles Rewards Guide, we will update this guide with the rewards every week

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FIFA 20 Squad Battles Rewards – Ranking

These are the rewards by rank, and also the points you need to reach each rank:

RankRewardsMin Points
1 Elite30,000 coins77.932 PS4, 77.816 Xone, 86.527 PC
Two Rare Mega Packs
2 Elite15,000 coins57.001 PS4, 55.647 Xone, 67.160 PC
1 Premium gold players pack
2 Mega packs
3 Elite12,000 coins42.545 PS4, 41.078 Xone, 50.679 PC
1 Mega Pack
2 Premium gold plpayers pack
1 Gold11,000 coins31.681 PS4, 30.218 Xone, 38.146 PC
1 Prime Mixed Players pack
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
1 Premium Gold Players Pack
2 Gold11,000 coins19.667 PS4, 18.493 Xone, 24.565 PC
1 Prime Mixed Players Pack
1 Premium Gold Players Pack
3 Gold10,000 Coins13.257 PS4, 12.395 Xone, 16.715 PC
1 Prime Mixed Players Pack
Jumbo premium gold pack
1 Silver7,000 Coins8.658 PS4, 8.070 Xone, 10.885 PC
2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
2 Silver4,000 Coins5.003 PS4, 4.660 Xone, 6.202 PC
2 Premium Gold Packs
1 Gold Pack
3 Silver1,500 Coins2.427 PS4, 2.298 Xone, 2.931 PC
1 Gold Pack
Premium Gold Pack
1 Bronze800 Coins1.701 PS4, 1.673 Xone, 1.889 PC
2 Gold packs
2 Bronze1 Gold Pack1.401 PS4, 1.401 Xone, 1.465 PC
3 BronzePremium Loan Player Reward Pack61 PS4, 72 Xone, 101 PC

As you can see, the rewards are worse than in FUT Champions. But take in mind that Squad battles is easier. So, if you have enough time to play, is not a bad idea to farm packs and coins in squad battles

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FIFA 20 Squad Battles Rewards – Top 100

Of course, and like in Fut champions, if you reach the top 100, the rewards are even better, as you can check below:

RankRewardsMin Points
51 a 10065,000 coins115.224 PS4, 113.724 Xone, 111.225 PC
1 rare players pack
2 Mega packs
21 a 5065,000 coins117.097 PS4, 116.040 Xone, 119.074 PC
1 jumbo rare players pack
2 Mega packs
11 a 2075,000 Coins119.086 PS4, 118.185 Xone, 127.528 PC
Jumbo rare players pack
Two Rare players packs
2 a 1087,500 coins120.654 PS4, 119.414 Xone, 134.330 PC
Two Rare players packs
Ultimate pack
1100,000 coins.129.471 PS4, 126.087 Xone, 151,165 PC
Two Rare mega packs
2 ultimate packs

We will update this rewards guide every week, so come back and check the rewards every week you play squad battles

Rewards FAQ

The rewards are delivered every monday after the squad battles week

At the end of the week you can get a rank from Bronze 3 to Elite 1 depending on your victories. And the better your rank, the better your rewards, as you can check below:

Squad Battles’ rewards are worse than FUT Champions’ rewards, but this offline game mode is easier