Deathrun Codes – Roblox – June 2024

Deathrun Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

There are not too many valid codes right now, but the valid ones are worth it:

We are not the developers of the game, so we can’t create new codes. But we will add new codes to the list as soon as there are new available codes, so come back in the next days or more codes.

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Deathrun – Expired Codes

You can’t redeem an expired code, so don’t try to redeem the following codes. But if you were trying to redeem a code and you couldn’t, now you know why:

  • THRILLER: Enter this code to get 50 Scrap as reward
  • SCRAPTASTIC: Enter this code to get 50 Scrap as reward
  • SPOOKYSEASON: Enter this code to get 50 Scrap as reward
  • GLADIEGGOR: Enter this code to get some coins and also gems as reward
  • F2TM: Enter this code to get 200 coins, 1 F2TM Trail and also 10 gems as reward

Deathrun – How to Redeem?

First click on the shop button (bottom of the screen), a window will open, there click on the codes tab (the last one), enter the code and click on redeem. If you don’t find the shop button, or the codes tab, you can check this video guide from youtuber Gaming Dan

You can’t redeem a code? There are 3 possible reasons:

  • You have already redeem it, you can only redeem a code once
  • You are not typing the code correctly, sometimes codes are case sensitive, so make sure to enter it correctly
  • The code has expired, codes don’t last forever, make sure the code you are trying to redeem is still a valid code
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