Club Penguin Rewritten Missions

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – A guide with the walkthroughs (step by step guides) of the 11 missions of CP Rewritten. Solve them all and claim all the rewards and also the secret rewards

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Case of the Missing Puffles

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 1 / Secret Reward: Letter from Aunt Arctic

Walkthrough – Mission Case of the Missing Puffles:

  1. Aunt Artic’s Igloo: Talk to her
  2. Ice Rink: Pick the images of a green Puffle
  3. Aunt Artic’s Igloo: Give the images to her
  4. Sport Shop: Talk to G > Ask him if he has Special items
  5. How many socks G has?: Go to the Pet Shop > Left scroll > Note hidden behind a kennel (decrypt with code)
  6. Sport Shop: Answer to G > then take both items
  7. Iceberg: With the Life Preserver Shooter, click on the Penguins > Then fire at the penguins > Once are saved talk to the green one
  8. Ski Hill: Talk to the penguin crying
  9. Spy Phone > Tools > Use the wrench on the tripod
  10. Tallest Mountain > Look Up > Drag the Grappling Hook (inventory) to the mountain side
  11. Talk to the green puffle

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – G’s Secret Mission

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 2 / Secret Reward: Letter from G

Walkthrough – G’s Secret Mission

  1. Sport Shop: Ask G for your secret mission
  2. Ski Hill: Read the signpost (sled racing) = MOGUL
  3. Sport Shop: Tell the secret code (MOGUL) to G > Pick up the sled
  4. Ski Hill: Take out the sleed and put it on the test run (don’t crash) > Pick up the rope, the survival guide and go left > Put the ski in your inventory > Go left > Click on the puffles
  5. Go forwad > Pick O’ berries > shake the tree to the right of the entrance > pick tup the pot from the sled > give an O’berry to the black puffle
  6. Go right, then left > make a fishing rod (ski+rope), put an o’berry as bait > click on the fishing rod, then on the river to catch a fluffy > fill the pot with water > go left > Pick up the log > go forward until you reach a cave
  7. Enter the cave > click on the pebbles > put the log in the cirle > Tear up your Survival Guide and put the scraps with the wood > Give an ‘berry to the black puffle > boil water and drink > then cook the fish and eat > leave the cave > tell G the sled is dangerous

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Case of the Missing Coins

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 3 / Secret Reward: Card from dancing penguin

Walkthrough – Case of the Missing Coins

  1. Gift Shop: Talk to Rookie > ask him if the door was messed with > ask him to open the vault
  2. Office (upstairs) > scroll right and click below the couch > take the floppy disk and the paper clip
  3. Computer (left) > insert the floppy disk and press power > click on “My Files” > Combination number = North, East, South, West with numbers next to each letter you have to memorize, if 3 was next to S, means that 3 ins the bottommost number of the code > Enter the code > enter the vault
  4. Pick the yellow key with the code “Roof Top” > go to the office > open the door (to roof) with the key
  5. Spy phone > tools > wrench > unscrew the bolts
  6. Throw the paper clip in the power box > take the white hair in the drain before you leave
  7. Give the white hair to G > take the flash light on the desk
  8. Enter the night club > turn on the flash light (or use the dark vision googles) > go to the boiler room (secret entrance through the speaker) > find the fuse box and turn all the red circles green
  9. Go back with G
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Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Avalanche Rescue

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 4 / Secret Reward: Handy Penguin Award

Walkthrough – Avalanche Rescue

  1. HQ: Talk to Gary > ask gary where you can find the Life Preserver Shooter
  2. Enter the Gadget room and take the Life Preserver Shooter (top shelf)
  3. Lighthouse > Pick up the coil of rope lying on the boat
  4. Beacon > unscrew the telescope with the wrench (inventory)
  5. Ski Village > Pick up the white fur > enter the ski lodge, grab the fishing pole,  attach it to the life preserver shooter, and attach the rope to the fishing pole
  6. Sport Shop: take the belt from the penguin mannequin
  7. Ski lift: use the belt to spin the lift
  8. Garys Room (sport shop) > put the beacon telescope on the telescope pole (note the path)
  9. Ski hill: Use the previous path > use the life preerver shooter on the hill
  10. Puzzle: 1st – Tree branch, 2nd – right one, 3rd – set one on the tree branch, 4- Grab the third one and set them all on the left ledge with the rock, 5th – reach the 4th using the weight of the other 3
  11. Report to G > give him the white fur

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Secret of the Fur

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 5 / Secret Reward: Box of Pizza

Walkthrough – Secret of the Fur

  1. Gadget room: Talk to G > fix the Furensic analizer (up) with the comb (spy phone) t brush the pink fur > Insert the white hair into the Furensic analizer (Hot chocolate, hot sauce and jet pack fuel)
  2. Coffee shop: Talk to the barista > ask him about what happened and what caused the mess > ask for hot chocolate > repair the hot chocolate machine (wrench > Tube) > turn the heat up > place the mug under the Press for Hot Chocolate
  3. Pizza Parlor > ask the chef for chocolate sauce > pick it up
  4. Coffe shop: fill the Insert Chocolate bowl (chocolate machine) and press for hot chocolate > pick up the mug
  5. Pizza Parlor > ask the chef for a bottle of hot sauce > pick it up
  6. HQ > Gadget room > pick the AC 1000 prototype
  7. Beacon: use the ac 1000 prototype to blow the fuel can towards you > cut the balloon’s string with the scissors (spy phone) > pick up the fuel can
  8. Gadget room > talk to G > put the 3 items into the machine > pick up the goggles and click on the goggles in your inventory > follow the footprints until the end
  9. Make a trap by grabbing a net from the stack of nets at the Beach next to the Lighthouse,  pick up some rope from the boat inside the Lighthouse, and combine them to make a trap > pick up the candle inside the ski lodge
  10. Outback pond > set up the trap > pick up the crab and the fur
  11. G > give him the crab > analyze the fur (furensic analyzer = polar bear)
  12. Pizza Parlor > ask for a pizza sitting on the desk > give it to the penguin fishing at the outback pond (behind ski lodge)
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Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Questions for a crab

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 6 / Secret Reward: Magnet Blueprints

Walkthrough – Questions for a crab

  1. Gadget room: Follow Klutzy into the HQ – sport shop – ski village – ski hill – jump down – wilderness
  2. Wilderness: Go back to the beginning of the wilderness > go right > cut the rope (scissors) and take the Berries bag > go right and give an O’berry to the black puffle
  3. Cave (where Klutzy escaped) > Throw a berry through the pet door > enter the cave
  4. After the black puffle comes out > scroll the screen until you find the cage lift device > throw berries to: 1st – red switch, 2nd – angle the slide to make the water flow left 3rd – weight switch to lift up the cage
  5. Herbert’s base: Open the door > put hot sauce (herbet’s table) on an O’berry and give it to the black puffle in front of the door to make a hole in the snow > combine the anchor and the rope to make a grappling hook and leave the cave (take the blueprints of the wall before leaving)
  6. Cliff (where you fell) > climb back with the grappling hook, to Ski hill > Outback Pond
  7. Pizza Parlor: Order a Seaweed pizza and give it to Herbert > flip the switch from green to red
  8. Give the wall blueprints to G

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Clockwork Repairs

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 7 / Secret Reward: Blue Pennant

Walkthrough – Clockwork Repairs

  1. HQ: Take the Live preserver from the Gadget room (shelf)
  2. Pizza Parlor > pick the sheet music (floor next to the piano)
  3. Stage > Piano > play the song (sheet music)
  4. Snow forts > talk to Rory
  5. Town > ask Rookie for a poster
  6. Dock: say you need a target for the clock tower > win it in the game > give them the life preserver
  7. Beach: Take the green bucket
  8. Snow forts: Fill the green bucket with snor
  9. Stage: Give the yellow puffle the poster of the gear and also the pail of snow
  10. Gadget room: Put the gear in the test chamber and choose snow
  11. Meet G and ask for the electromagnet 2000 > investigate the locked cage with the magnet (code= key) > take the frozen spring from the iceberg
  12. Gadget room: Place the frozen spring in the test chamber and choose fire
  13. Clock tower: Place the target, the spring and the ice gear there

Club Penguin Rewritten Missions – Mysterious Tremors

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 8 / Secret Reward: Cool Gift

Walkthrough – Mysterios Tremors

  1. Gadget Room > Dock > Take the lantern and report back to G (gadget room > take the propeller hat, the hammer and the super Helium
  2. Sport shop: pick up the pegs
  3. Lighthouse: Take the whole box (balloons), take a barrel of cream soda, and also a net from the pile
  4. Town > Gift shop > Raise it using balloon inflated with Super Helium, net, pegs and hammer
  5. Coffee shop: Tell the barista you will clean up the cookies (to get a free cookie)
  6. Night club (outside): give the cookie to the green puffle
  7. Coffee shop: Get another cookie
  8. Night club (outside): give the propeller hat from the Gadget Room first, and then the cookie, to the green puffle
  9. Snow Forts: the map is stuck to a flag, get it off
  10. Pizza Parlor: get the double meat pizza with extra gray fish, and give t to the penguin to get the map
  11. Dock (tunnels): Use Klutzy’s lantern and reach the end of the tunnel (gift shop) > unscrew the pipe with the Spy Phone wrench, and use these items: shaken cream soda barrel, net, pegs, hammer > Unscrew (wrench) the clock tower gear and take the gear > aproach Herbert > Fix the Boiler (mini game
  12. HQ: Report to G and give him the gear
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CP Rewritten Missions – Operation: Spy & Seek

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 9 / Secret Reward: Box of Chocolates

Walkthrough – Operation: Spy & Seek

  1. Gadget Room > G will give you a deflated rubber duck and blueprints for a kite
  2. Mine Shack: offer Rory your help > fix the troughs > weld amine cart > Place a tracking device in the mine cart and send it down
  3. Plaza:  Click on the strand of gum between the two penguins (keep the gum)
  4. Dock: Fix the Hydro Hopper and take the pump
  5. Plaza: Inflate the duch and attach the tracking device > Send it to the Iceberd
  6. Forest: Get some sticks
  7. Lodge Attick: Get some string (floor)
  8. Piece locations (Give all the pieces to the penguins)
    1. Ski Lodge: On a ladder rung to the attic, on the stool beneath the telephone, and on the windowsill.
    2. Lodge Attic: on the box between the two couches, on the crate to the left of the red couch, on the desk with the phonograph, on the desk with the typewriter, and in the corner next to the rocking horse.
  9. Attach the tracking device to the kite and tie it to the sign post at the Ski Hill.
  10. Ski Lodge (behind): Spy Herbert
  11. Herbert’s camp: Attach the old Spy Phone to the binoculars and place it in the tree next to the exit.

CP Rewritten Missions – Waddle Squad

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 10 / Secret Reward: Employee of the Month Trophy

Walkthrough – Waddle Squad

  1. HQ: Take the solar panel
  2. Beach: make emergency fuel using Hot Sauce and Cream Soda (Lighthouse) > divide the cream soda (but first click the bottle at the bottom for the solution)
  3. Dock: ask the green penguin for his rope
  4. Gift shop: Take the table and the sale items and set them outside > go with Rookie and the Electromagnet 300 > Place it on the wires and play a mini game to fix it
  5. Night club: Attach the rope to the pulley and pull the lever to lift the cage (is down) > Unscrew the panel with the wrench on your Spy Phone and look inside and fix the fallen gears
  6. Go to the Dock
  7. Night club: Drop the cage on him > shine the lights on the solar panel

CP Rewritten Missions – The Veggie Villain

Rewards: Normal Reward > Mission Medal 11 / Secret Reward: Gift from Dot

Walkthrough – The Veggie Villain

  1. HQ: Go to the Gift Shop
  2. Gift Shop: Take the corn seeds > upstairs, in the office, also take the corn seeds
  3. Ski Village: Check out Herbert’s broadcast > play a movie using the projector
  4. Beach > Lighthouse > Pick up the disc and clean it with the spray on the speaker, then pick up the empty can next to the wooden wheel
  5. Gadget room: place the can in the test chamber, fill it with water and freeze it
  6. Give the freeze can to Rory to get the telescope lens
  7. Ski Village: Give the telescope lens to the dancing penguin > Put the disc in the projector > Unscrew the bolts on the side of the projector with your Spy Phone wrench and play the mini game.
  8. Mine Shack: Follow the popcorn > follow the paw prints and take the wooden board (with a list of ingredients) > back to the previous area > follow the ingredients in order (as in the note)
  9. Stream:use the wooden board as a bridge and throw the corn seeds into the torch > unplug the computer
  10. Evacuate the HQ: Pull the orange book (shelf) > solve the puzzle