Blasphemous Trophies & Achievements Guide

Welcome to the Blasphemous Trophies & Achievements Guide, find here how to get all the trophies & achievements, we will provide you guides and tips to get each one of them

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Blasphemous Trophies & Achievements – Bronze

  • A Long Path Ahead: Beat the Warden of the Silent Sorrow
  • No Mercy: Beat Ten Piedad
  • Face Off: Beat the Our Lady of the Charred Visage
  • Dance Of The Macabre: Beat the Tres Angustias
  • The Brother: Beat Esdras, of the Anointed Legion.
  • The Bejeweled Saint: Beat Melquíades, The Exhumed Archbishop.
  • Blind Innocence: Beat Exposito, Scion of Abjuration.
  • Ashes to Ashes: Beat Quirce of the Eternal Pyre.
  • Faith-Off: Beat Crisanta of the Anointed Blade.
  • Summa Blasphemia: Beat His Holiness Escribar
  • Last Words: Talk with all the corpses.
  • Detestatio Sacrorum: Beat all the arena challenges.
  • Firm Devotion: Get all prayers.
  • Skin and Bones: Get all relics.
  • Mysteria Lucis: Get all rosary beads.
  • Warden of the Ossuary: Get all collectibles.
  • Heart and Slash: Get all sword hearts.
  • Cvstodia’s Pilgrim: Discover all zones.
  • Six Stinging Pains: Achieve the maximum value of health.
  • Baptism of Faith: Achieve the maximum value of fervor.
  • Mea Culpa: Achieve the maximum level of the Mea Culpa sword.
  • Fountain of Life: Achieve the maximum value of flasks.
  • Engracia: Achieve the maximum value of rosary bead slots.
  • Inquisition: Execute 5 different enemies.
  • Power Unleashed: Use the Righteous Riposte 5 times.
  • The Desire of the Corrupted: Visit the tomb of The Lady of the Tailed Gown.
  • True Shrine: Bring all the offerings to Lvdovico.
  • Last Breath: Witness the last moments of Viridiana
  • Ultreia Et Suseia: Help the Pilgrim reach his final destination.
  • In the name of the High Wills: Bring all the offerings to the Blessed Lord of Salty Shores.
  • Mediterranean Diet: Save all Kissers of Wounds.
  • Flea Market: Buy all the items of the Candelaria shops.
  • Warm and Soft: Hatch the Egg of Altasgracias.
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Blasphemous Trophies & Achievements – Silver

  • The Path of the Unworthy: Unlock ending B
  • The Bull and The Moon: Release all cherubs.
  • Rebirth: Help Cleofás in his path of redemption.
  • The Sister: Beat Perpetua.
  • Bestiary: Beat all types of enemies.
  • Blood and Tears: Buy all skills from the Mea Culpa shrines.
  • The Number of the Beasts: Kill 666 enemies.
  • Crossing Souls: Provoke the meeting between Redento and Cleofás.
  • Bronze Medal: Cross the Bronze door on the Bridge of the Three Calvaries in less than 3 hours.

Blasphemous Trophies & Achievements – Gold

  • The Path of the Believer: Unlock ending A
  • Requiem Aeternam: Beat all bosses without flask consumption.
  • Witness of The Miracle: Get 100% of the game.


  • The Penitent One: Unlock all of the Trophies