Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the tips, choices and secrets to reach the highest levels in all the relationships available in the game and to unlock all the available scenes

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Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide – Day 1

  • Morning – Use Binoculars and also continue to watch (+1 Selina Point)
  • Guest – Open the door, Look Closer and finally Get out from under the table (+3 Jane Points)
  • Work – Like (+1 Anna Point)
  • Boss Office – Peek in the window on the door and also Kiss Her
  • Roof – Amazing voice, Learn More about her, Ask her how she knows Jacob and finally Just a friendly visit (+3 Lisa Points)
  • Selina Scene: Ring the doorbell, enjoy, Change position and enjoy

Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide – Day 2

  • Jacob – I Like her (+1 Selina Point). Then you can play a mini game or you can skip it, both choices (+1 Lisa Point and also +1 Jacob point). But if you want to play the mini game:
    • 1- Q, E, R, W, R, E, Q
    • 2- W, E, R, E, W, E, Q
    • 3- Q, E, R, W, Q, E, R
    • 4- Z, C, X, Z, X, Z, C
  • Photo – Open it, Be Cocky, The Truth and finally no (+2 Selina Points, +1 Lisa point and also +1 Jacob point)
  • Lunch – Ask about friends, Combining Study and also personal life, then Hug her or kiss her on the check (+2 Lisa Points)
  • Work – Yes, Ask what the will drink, Open photo and finally offer them free drinks for kissing  (+2 Laura Points, +2 Jessica points and also +1 Anna point)
  • Office – Let’s talk about it next time  (+1 Anna point)
  • Selina’s appartment – Tell her (+1 Rosa point) or Don’t tell (+1 Selina point), then enjoy the scene
  • Office – Everything ‘s fine and Touch the breas*t or Pull down the skirt (doesn’t matter) (+3 Jane Points)
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Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide – Day 3

  • Song – Kiss her (cheek), pick up the pace, Slow fade out music and also a search for friendship (+3 Lisa Points)
  • Father – Let him in (+1 GP) or Let him in (+1 BP)
  • Concert – 3 key choices (Party route or Lisa Route), recommended save point
    • Stay with Lisa (+1 Lisa Point) or Go to Marie (+1 Marie Point and also +1 Eva Point)
    • Solve the problem (+1 GP) or Punch him (+1 BP)
    • Go with Lisa (+1 Lisa Point) or Go to the party (+1 Marie Point and also +1 Eva Point)
  • Lisa Route (requires “Go with Lisa): Serious
  • Party route (requires “Go to the party”): Choose Marie or Eva, Go with Marie or Eva and Sit Next to Marie or Eva to get (+6 Marie Points or +6 Eva Points)

Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide – Day 4

  • Repetition – My Lonely Ghost (+1 Jade Point), The Sugar Beets (+1 Jacob Point), My Velvet World (+2 Lisa Points) or Come up with your (+1 Jade Point, +1 Jacob Point and also +1 Lisa Point)
  • Club – Join her and Accept Anna’s offer (+5 Cheat Points), then enjoy the scene
  • Lisa – Ask about her hobbies, stage performances and also her roommate
  • Jane’s appartment – You are single (+1 Jane Point & +1 Cheat point), Maybe (+2 Jane Points), Peep, Continue watching, Continue Massage (+5 Cheat Points). But warn Jane (+2 Jane Points)
  • Night – Father is my enemy (+1 BP) or Father is wrong (+1 GP)
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Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide – Day 5

  • Nicole – Yes and You don’t owe me (+2 Nicole points and also +1 GP) or You will owe me a favor (+1 BP)
  • Yes
  • Rosa – You have a complicated (+2 Rosa points)
  • Park – Fool Around with Selena (+5 Selena Points & also +5 Cheat points), then enjoy the scene
  • New Rep – Tell Jacob about (+1 Lisa point and also +1 Jacob Point) and It’s Serious (+2 Lisa points and also +2 Jacob Points)

Become a Rock Star Walkthrough & Guide – Day 6

  • Lisa – Pet the cat (+2 Lisa points and also +1 GP) or Refuse Lisa’s offer (+1 BP)
  • You want to give this relationship
  • Lisa scene
  • No choices at anna’s appartment, but (+5 Cheat points)
  • Sister – You are dating (+1 GP) or You are single (+1 BP)
  • If you are in Jane’s path and you have at least 8 points with her, enjoy the scene, but (+5 Cheat points)

Day 7

  • Morning – Be calm (+1 GP) or Be angry (+1 BP), say you are not angry, and go to Emma for an scene, but (+5 Cheat points)
  • Rehearsal – Talk to Jacob, Jade and Lisa, play seriously and Kiss or Photo (+2 Lisa points)
  • Selina – Talk to Selina and let selina lead or take control (better), but (+5 Cheat points)
  • Rosa – Agree

Day 8

  • Morning – Say something encouraging and They both performed well (+2 Lisa points and also +2 Jade points)
  • Boat – Let them know about (+1 GP) or Don’t say anything (+1 BP)
  • Drink – Drink, drink, Never have i ever sung in the shower, drink, Never have i ever kissed someone of, Yes, Never have i ever sent someone, ask about Jade’s preferences, Yes (+2 Lisa points and also +7 Drunk points)
  • Julia – You are serious about Jane
  • Selina – You want a serious relationship with
  • Jane – I want our relationship to move forward, focus on the food and To a lovely evening (+6 Jane points)
  • Rosa – Agree to Meet, You (like whatever) and enjoy the scene, but (+5 Cheat points)
  • Nicole – Ask her how she is doing (+1 Nicole point and also +1 GP) or Get to the point (+1 BP)
  • Jane: You want more
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(End of version 0.45)

Day 9

No choices until:

  • Work: Be a part of the show (+1 BP) or just watch (+1 GP)
  • Work with Jane: Postpone the conversation about the (+1 Jane Point)
  • Jade´s Home: If you have 2 Jade Points > Answer a Kiss
  • Neighbors (requires selina or rosa path): Artist’s profession (+1 Rosa point) or Doctor’s profession (+1 Selina point)
  • Exhibition: First go with selina or rosa (your choice), then listen to rosa (+1 GP) or check out their look (+1 BP)
  • Party: Give him beer or whiskey (+1 GP) or send him… (+1 BP) > kitchen > living room > don’t do anything (requires emma path) > bathroom > find Jacob > bathroom > back with lisa and jade and choose:
    • Meet Emma: Stay with Emma
    • Stay with Lisa and Jade: Let them continue

(End of version 0.50)

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