Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Welcome to Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough, The Final Blow, a step by step guide to find all the ornate gems, fish, and of course complete the chapter

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Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Examine the jetpack and press the button, then take the spring and the blueprint piece
  • Go to the glass elevator´s room (the green room) and take a photo of the painting 1/2
  • Go to the blueprints room through the vents (Achievement – Spy-der web: click on the web, also click on the web in the cabinet), and get the level 5 code.
  • Back to the air ducts, stop at the elevator’s room, take the right door (level 2 screen). Notice the clue on the table (sketch). Then tap on the 4 insert the hacking cd and the code and unlock level 5.
  • Go to the elevator, floor -2, there are two puzzles:
    • Vault Puzzle: Remember the clue on the table (sketch), light the same lights, but in this order – 1st lower right, 2nd top, 3rd higher right, 4th left, 5th middle one on the left side, then press the bug button in the middle. Once completed, pull the 3rd light bulb down, pick the ammo, the ornate gem and also the crowbar and the spades key
    • Floor puzzle: Press the green button and slide the blue pieces to fill in the gaps. Once completed go downstairs
  • Go left and take the fuel hose (waterfall), go back, then right, tap on the fuel drums, take the gas can, attach the fuel hose and fill the can
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Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Boat

  • Zoom out, tap on the boat, open the gas cover, pour fuel, then go on boat to the lighthouse. Behind the big rock (left) there is a stone artifact.
  • Zoom out and find a bottle in the water (right), inside there is a treasure map
  • Lighthouse (zoom in) > Left side > open the wooden box and get the antique key (also tap on the web)
  • Open the lighthouse with the key, take the battery and the shovel (also tap on the 2 webs)
  • Go to the boat > beach > dig with the shovel where the X was (treasure map)
  • Now go inside, elevator floor -1 and take a photo of painting 2/2, knock over the statue with the crowbar and get the ornate gem, zoom on the broken pad (green 3), place the spring inside and go through

Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Lasers

  • To shut off the lasers you need the 2 photos of the paintings, note the colors =  circle positions. the answer to press on the keypad is: Blue, teal, red, orange, light blue, purple
  • Take the hearts key, then place the 2 gems in the slots
  • Elevator floor 0, place the spades & the hearts key in the box, take the ornate gem and make a photo of the pattern, then go to the right room
  • Load ammo and explode the watermelon with the gun, place the rusty box where the watermelon was and shoot it to get the machete (Achievement – Target practice: shoot 100 times)
  • Go to the battery charging station (right of the gun), place the battery (slot) and take it back when the meter turns green, and place it in the lighthouse, where you found it
  • Use the lift to get to the 2nd floor, take the rope from the metal box. Back to the lift, go to the top floor and:
    • Take the skull key from the diving helmet (inside)
    • Open the chest with the skull key, take the golden star disc (also tap on the web)
    • Pull down the black lever
    • Read the blue book (lighthouse keeper’s journal): Each symbol represents a number
  • Get out the lighthouse, go left (where the wooden box), climb the ladder and pull the blinds
  • Go back inside the lighthouse and note the numbers on the closed blinds
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Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Bird Gunther

  • Go to the beach, above the rock there is a bird (Gunther), also notice the tree above the bird
  • Back to the mansion>elevator floor 0 > left doorway > outside > right path > behind the stone sculpture > zoom on the tree and tie the rope to the stump (Achievement Boing Boing Boing: play 10 times with the TV antenna, but quick)
  • Climb down the rope and pull the peg. (Achievement Gasbag with Gunther: interact with Gunther the bird until you get it)
  • Go to the beach and see what is inside the net, take the stone artifact and also the net
  • Boat > zoom on the hook > attach the net (fishing net)

Agent A Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Fishing

  • Get to the lighthouse with the boat and go back to the beach, there is a fish in the net (Achievement – Catch and Release: leave the fish in the water and catch another)
  • Go to floor 0 > left door > outside > symbols sculpture > place the 2 stone artifacts > rotate the symbols and find the number code based on the lighthouse keeper’s journal
  • (Achievement – Gasbag with Gunther: use the rope to reach the bird’s nest, give him the fish, and tap on him repeteadly. You will have to give him more fish to complete the achievement)
  • Go to floor -2, catch another fish, take the ornate gem (behind the vines), cut the vines and insert the golden star disc in the slot
  • Floor 0 > feed the bird with another fish (tap on him also) > catch other fish and give it to him again (tap on him also) > repeat it until you get the achievement.
  • (Achievement – Cat Door Courier: give another fish to the cat (floor -1), place it in the cat’s door.)
  • (Achievement – Sashimi Buzz Cut: Drop another fish into the fan (air ducts) of floor 0 and take the fish bones)
  • Place another fish on the log, go to the bird’s nest and take the ornate gem
  • Floor -1 > place the gems in the floating box and get the mystery key
  • Floor -2 > Vault > solve the floor puzzle using the pattern of the card suits box, then use the mystery key there
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Submarine & Ending

  • Go to the waterfall & put the golden star disc in the slot, solve the puzzle and go behind the waterfall
  • Take the bolt cutters (left of Ruby’s sumnarine)
  • Lighthouse > top floor > cut the chain with the bolt cutters and take the wrench and also the small valve
  • Ruby’s Submarine > Screwdriver on the power gauge, place the valve (blue), then turn it right and make the gauge mark red
  • Follow the path (right), tap on Jerry the Jetpack and press the red button
  • Climb the ladder to complete this chapter (Achievement – A Parting Gift: Give Onyx another fish)

Also other Chapters Walkthroughs: Chapter 1 here – Chapter 2 here – Chapter 3 here – Chapter 4 here


If you want you can also use the Chapter 5’s videoguide walkthrough, by the youtuber SSSB Games