Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Welcome to Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough, Ruby’s Trap, a step by step guide to get to explode the pool

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Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Press the button behind the handle of the briefcase, puzzle solution:
    • 1st: triangle down, 2 diamonds to the left, circle to the right
    • 2nd: 2 diamonds down (where the circle was)
    • 3rd: Circle to its place, triangle to its place and also square to its place
  • Pick the pencil up and notice the clue (remember it) of the lower left corner
  • Flick the switch of the right panel (open it), then take the electronic chip and the glowing item of the left panel,  place the electronic chip on the right side slot to get the power cell, and place the power cell into the left slot
  • Tap the blue buttons until you complete the next puzzle
  • Front Panel: open the locks in this order – 1st top left, 2nd down right, 3rd middle left, 4th middle right, 5th top right and 6th down left
  • Left Panel: Take the cranck handle (inside the fan), take the glowing item, all the plugs, and notice the strange symbol
  • Right wall holes: Remember Ruby’s lipstick symbol or clue? Place the plugs in the same pattern
  • Zoom out and examine the security camera for several clues, then go to the front of the pedestal and press these buttons:
    • 1st: 1st row – 1st, 2nd row – 1st, 3rd row – 2nd, 4th row – 1st, 5th row – 1st
    • 2st: 1st row – 1st, 2nd row – 1st, 3rd row – 2nd, 4th row – 1st, 5th row – 1st
    • 3st: 1st row – 5th, 2nd row – none, 3rd row – 5th, 4th row – 4th & 5th, 5th row – 4th
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Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Mouse

  • Find the mouse in the hole (right), and do this quick: tap on him, and just when he goes out from the other hole, pull the lever down. If he is there, tap him again, find him and get Trevor’s key. If he is not go back and do it faster
  • Go to the keyhole (floor) and use Trevor’s key, then solve the puzzle: Match the arms to the cutout
  • Place the crank in the socket, then move it untill the disc turns green
  • Now you will see some lights on the wall, is the new plugs pattern, but first
  • Go to where the red lever is and take the pink key, pull the lever up, place the pink key in the hole (right) and get the item
  • Now use the new pattern on the plugs, pull the lever up, rotate the crank, take the 2nd power cell, and add it to the other one (Red button)
  • Look to the crank near the mouse hole, now loow right (lower right corner) and find some symbols and numbers. Slide the slider to the right and take the item. Then tap the yellow & black panel and press the triangle (laser)
  • Remember the 4 symbols clue of the security camera? Go back to the symbols and numbers and find out the value of each symbol. Use the 5 digit code on the number pad to the left and unlock the first lock.

Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Chisel & Brick

  • Go to the left wall’s gate, insert the pencil in the little slot and pull it down to open the gate and take the chisel
  • Now you have to place the color pistons in the same order as the colors of the scren of the bomb on the bridge: red, light blue, green and dark blue
  • Next there is a puzzle where you have to pause rows & columns, but it’s hard to explain, so better watch the video guide, min 7:30
  • Enter the numbers you got in the number pad to unlock the second lock
  • Pull the big lever up and go to the left wall to find a brick out of place. Remove it with the chisel, take the item from the hole and also the brick from the floor
  • Place the brick on the button at the right of the pedestal to open a panel by the fan. Take another item from the panel, press the button and another laser will appear.
  • Place the six glowing items in the slots (right of the pedestal), note the symbols (for the last lock) and pull the lever down.
  • For the last code you need to solve the symbols = ??. To do it find out the columns patterns: 5, 7, ?? = 9, or 8, 11, ?? = 14
  • Use the latest code on the number pad and unlock the last lock to get the power cell
  • To get the latest power cell you have to rotate the discs of the lasers to match them with their corresponding locks, it’s hard to explain, better watch de video guide min 13:56
  • Once you completed the laser puzzle you can get the latest power cell, place it by the red button and complete the chapter
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Also other Chapters Walkthroughs: Chapter 1 here – Chapter 2 here – Chapter 4 here – Chapter 5 here


If you want you can also use the Chapter 3’s videoguide walkthrough, by the youtuber MobileGamesDaily