Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Welcome to Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough, The Chase Continues, a step by step guide to get to explode the pool

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Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Exploring the Pool

  • (Achievement – Bad Hair Day: Hold on the electric pool)
  • Pick the glass, open the panel by the pool, knock over the table and over the little stand and take the yellow wedge pieces
  • Go downstairs, get the letterbox key card (plant), fill the glass (water) and tap on the red pipe (left)
  • Turn the red valve, when it falls off, take it
  • Go outside the house and remember everything you see
  • Place the valve on the red pipe (left hole), then turn it
  • Examine the locked fuse box, remember the symbol
  • Press the red button of the pool and take the yellow wedge piece
  • Go to the bathroom, flip the switch, watch the cameras and notice the fingerprints
  • Go to the stone doorway and press: Top middle, top middle and middle middle, then go through the door
  • Take the plunger, open the cabinets (all) and also take the 2 corks and the oil can
  • Go to the metal grate, use the oil can there, and pick the yellow wedge piece up
  • Go to the pool, place the 2 corks in the 2 holes to the right od the red button. Then turn the water valve
  • Fill the glass with water (fountain)
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Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Back inside the house

  • Go to the living room > Fire, pour the water and take the tile
  • Move the painting above the fire and solve the discs puzzle, you have to line up the dots to 9:00 pm: 1st inner, 2nd outer, 3rd middle, then place the tile and solve the pipes puzzle
  • Tap several times on the glass to break it
  • Go to the bathroom, fill the sink, and use the plunger on the drain to obtain the triangular key
  • Living Room > coffe table puzzle: 1st top right, 2nd top left, 3rd down right, 4th down left
  • Chess board puzzles: remember the squares and light them, then take the yellow wedge piece and remember the symbol
  • Go to the water valve and unlock the box, place the key card in the slot and match the symbols you have found: To play symbols, two diamonds, 3 stripes and a split circle
  • Go to the pool and take the fish bones (floating)
  • Garage > unlock the metal box with the small key, take the yellow wedge piece, the hammer, the light bulb and also the key
  • Use the new key to unlock the red box by the red valve, then get the yellow fuse
  • Go to the porch and break the lightbulb with the hammer, pick the green item up and replace the light bulb
  • Go to the bedroom and place all the yellow wedge pieces
  • Give the fish bones to the cat and take the lens (chair)
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Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Telescope completed

  • Place the lens on the pink telescope, zoom in (1771)
  • Go to the piano room and reveal a hidden safe by moving the couch cushion, place the green item in the empty slot and get the phone
  • Go to the broken keypad (you found it after breaking the glass), and enter 1771 by pressing 7667
  • Match up all the arrows: First match the top left disc’s arrow with the down left disc’s arrow, then the down left disc other arrow with the middle disc’s arrow and finally the middle disc’s other arrow with the down right disc’s arrow, so the other arrow matchs with the right arrow.
  • Don’t waste time with the fingerprint scanner for now
  • Go to the garage, place the yellow electrical fuse, and watch the walkthroug, min 6:20, because is had to explain.
  • Check the filter of the pool and take the yellow wedge piece
  • Go to the bedroom and place all the yellow wedge pieces in the chest to get the ruby
  • Place the ruby in the yak’s eye and get the pianola roll from its mouth
  • Place the pianola roll in the slot of the piano and replay the tunes. it’s hard, so watch the video walkthrough, min 12:58. Complete it and pull the lever
  • Take the hacker devide (behind the bookshelf) and look through the file
  • Hacker device + Fingerprint scanner, to solve the puzzle stop at the glowing number
  • Get the explosives, press the red button, place them on the locked trap door, and them place also the phone (number 921981)
  • Go upstairs, to the study, and press the speaker of the phone, and enter the number (921981), you have completed this chapter
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If you want you can also use the Chapter 2’s videoguide walkthrough, by the youtuber MobileGamesDaily